John Legend Reveals the Secret to His Marriage to Chrissy Teigen


Previously, Chrissy Teigen revealed that her life hasn’t been as picture perfect as fans presumed, confessing to experiencing both postpartum depression and a struggle with alcoholism. Through these public revelations, husband John Legend has remained relatively quiet, letting Chrissy handle things in her own way. Now, Legend opens up about how the marriage has survived so much, since welcoming daughter Luna into the fold.
John Legend Shares How Getting Pregnant Helped Their Marriage
After four years of marriage, John and Chrissy have solidified a bond that was always strong, but, in recent years, has been toughened by some of life’s hardest obstacles. Speaking about their relationship, Legend says that the experience of getting pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF) helped the couple grow closer together. John points out that any pregnancy is a challenge, so, when a couple successfully welcomes a new baby, that son or daughter becomes tangible proof that they can get through anything together.
After months of trying every option available, Teigen and Legend finally found success with an IVF procedure, welcoming Luna into the family just 16 months ago. Now, John and Chrissy are hoping to give Luna a new sibling, which means going through the process all over again.
Mr. Legend says it’s been especially difficult for them, as they have been unable to have a natural conception. In light of that challenge, he feels the process has strengthened their bond that much more.
We’re lucky that we’re living in an age where we can conceive in other ways,” says John Legend. “[IVF] brought us Luna and hopefully, it will bring us a few more awesome kids, too.”
While John doesn’t give specifics, he does reveal that natural conception is possible, but adds that he and Chrissy have experienced extra difficulties. Previously, Teigen spoke about those challenges as well, admitting that months of trying left the couple feeling frustrated. Advances in fertility have helped Legend and Ms. Teigen realize their dream of starting a family and the couple has spent the past year and a half gushing over Luna on their Instagram accounts.
Now, it seems Luna’s days as an only child are drawing to a close. Whether they again try to conceive naturally or go straight for the in vitro fertilization, the couple seems dedicated to having a second child. Either way, there’s no doubt that baby number two will strengthen their love and bond that much more.


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