Building the Mexican Wall: Will it keep out Drugs?


Even before the Congress set aside funds for the boarder wall, Homeland Security had already paid for the border wall prototypes using money from other programs. However, after intensive lobbying, the House Homeland Security Committee agreed to provide Homeland Security with $10 billion that would be used for the border wall. If this is to happen, the Senate Republicans will have to beat the attempt by Senate Democrats to block the attempts as they have promised. At the same time, it has been reported that the government would have to grab land from private owners in the state of Texas. The reports confirm that nearly 1,200 miles of the 1,900 miles where the border plan on being built is privately owned. It’s worth noting that over 95 percent of the land in Texas is privately owned. Therefore, the government will have to buy this land or grab the land to finance the wall. For instance, the Homeland Security department tried to construct a border wall back in 2008 at a region called Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. This didn’t go well with the native Texans as they filed over 300 cases objecting the move. The government told them that it would be seizing their land.

While most of these cases have since been resolved, some are still pending. For instance, in deep-red Texas, some families still consider private property as sacrosanct. This is an area where even the congressional delegation opposes the move. This has even led to Republicans from the area speaking against the move to build the wall. One of these Republicans is one of the most outspoken Republican Will Hurd. He has on numerous occasions said that building the wall will be one of the most expensive projects for the government. Instead, he has said that rather than building a wall, the money should be used for other uses such as innovative technologies. For instance, he is of the opinion of cameras and sensors. He further added that these solutions would be much cheaper. However, some groups that support immigration see the border wall as an effective way of keeping immigrants out. Such group is the Center for Immigration Studies. At the same time, President Trump who is the mastermind of the wall has said that the wall will help keep immigrants and drugs away from America. In their own opinion, migration experts and homeland security have said that a border wall would not be effective.


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