Why Few International Students are Enrolling in American Universities


The higher education industry has confirmed that the first college class since Donald Trump became president has arrived on campus. Like it had been expected, there are fewer foreign students who have enrolled in American colleges. 45 percent of campuses in America have reported that they experienced a decline in the number of foreign students enrolling in the campuses. The survey was conducted on 500 campuses from all over the United States. The study was carried out by the Institute of International Education that discovered that enrolled by international students had decreased by an average of seven percent. Experts who addressed the issue said that the decline was as a result of the uncertain political and social climate that had been created by the current administration. The head of research at the institute that carried out the research said that the decline is as a result of a mix of factors. The researcher identified himself as Rajika Bhandari. There were concerns that were raised due to the travel ban that had been implemented by the United States government. At the same time, there were concerns about personal safety that was drawn from a few cases that involved international cases. This resulted in a generalized concern that international students were not safe in America.

The president of the institute Allan E. Goodman said that the decline might have also been caused by competition by other countries. Other countries that have emerged in producing quality education other than the United States include Australia, Britain, and Canada. These figures accounted for figures that were collected between 2016 and 2017. During this period, it was discovered that 1.08 million students had enrolled in American universities. Going by the numbers, this represented an increase of 85 percent from the previous decade. The study discovered that almost 175,000 students remained in the US for optional practical training. This drop could be interpreted as a sign that some universities will struggle financially. It’s estimated that foreign students inject close to $39 billion to the United States economy every year. The study also found out that the Midwest campuses are the worst hit. For instance, the University of Iowa saw its enrollment of international students decrease from 4,100 to 3,564 students. The dean of international program at the institute Downing Thomas confirmed that other institutions in the region were also experiencing the declines. The university says that it has lost most of its Chinese students.


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