Strange Metals Examined After UFO Sighting


The government is finally admitting that there could be UFOs coming into contact with Earth. Metal alloys have been found in relation to a discovery by the Pentagon. These alloys are among materials that scientists are not able to immediately recognize. Tests are being conducted on the alloys to determine if there is anything that they are similar to in the known elements. The metals that were found have stunning properties that no one has seen before. The metals are being kept in protective custody in a building in Las Vegas. There is a possibility that the building is located near Roswell, which is where other reports of UFO sightings have occurred.

The Department of Defense has recently come forth with information about secret funding of $22 million that has been set aside to research cases just like this. However, the funding was only available from 2007 to 2012. There is no indication as to whether any of this money is still being used for research. Scientists are carefully examining the metals to explore their properties. Ralf Blumenthal is a reporter with the “New York Times.” His reports have indicated that no one really knows what to think of these metals. They appeared after pilots in fighter jets encountered unidentified objects in the sky in 2014. People who have come into contact with the metals are being examined as well.

A video of an object flying off the coast of California has recently been released to the public. Anyone who saw the object or who has come into contact with the metals is urged to contact authorities. A few commanders were conducting a training mission when they saw the object and when they were asked to help investigate. Most of the time, there is some kind of explanation for what is seen in the sky, but this is a situation that is baffling even the United States government.


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