Zack Snyder Still Producing for the DCEU


Though he does not have any directorial roles for the DC Extended Universe officially planned, Zack Snyder is still planning to produce upcoming entries, including Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2.

So far Snyder has been a producer or executive producer for all of the DCEU films, except for the three that he directed (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League). He is officially listed as an executive producer for Aquaman, which will be coming out November of next year.

Snyder’s role in the franchise has been divisive, to say the least. Up until this point he has been one of its main architects, with his three directorial roles providing the trilogy that has been the spine of the series’ first phase. The problem is, a lot of people hate those particular movies, and the overall dark tone that they have given the cinematic universe as a whole. His also tends to favor long, complex plots with a lot of philosophizing, which, depending on your point of view, comes off as either deep or like somebody striving to sound deeper than he is.

To be fair, he did have a hand in the DCEU’s one unqualified success—he co-wrote the story for Wonder Woman, as well as produced it, though one cannot deny that its own director, Patty Jenkins, was the major visionary behind its more optimistic tone. Snyder is reportedly not involved in writing the sequel, which is being headed by Jenkins and DC Films head Geoff Johns.

Given how divisive he has become, it makes sense if DC and Warner Bros. wants to keep Snyder out of the directorial limelight and let him produce their movies instead. One possible exception to this would be a hypothetical Justice League 2, especially since the film was originally pitched as a two-parter with him directing both. However, with Justice League‘s poor performance it is unclear if the studio is even planning to make a sequel, let alone have Snyder direct it.

As it stands, many believe that the franchise will be turning its focus more to solo films, with their relatively smaller risks. Aside from Aquaman and a new Wonder Woman flick, the David F. Sandberg entry Shazam is in pre-production.


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