Authorities Still Searching For Mudslide Victims


Researchers have been searching for three people have been missing since the Mudslide. Seventeen-year-old John Cantin, 28-year-old Faviola Benitez Calderon and 2-year-old Lydia Sutthithepa are the people who are missing. Lydia’s 30-year-old father, who was named Pint, was found dead on Saturday, January 13, 2017.

John Keating is a 53-year-old man who was also reported missing. He was recently found safe. People thought that he had gone to Montecito during the storm. However, he was in Carpinteria. He took a selfie at the sheriff’s office with his dog Tiny and sent it to his family members and friends.

The mudslides started early Tuesday morning. They completed destroyed 65 homes, and hundreds of other homes were damaged. The rain damaged areas that were already damaged by the wildfires. The Thomas Fire, which was California’s largest wildfire, started in December. Firefighter was finally able to contain the fires a few days ago.

The rain is expected to hold off for a few days, which will make it easier for rescue workers to find the missing people. Experts are predicting that the rain will start on Thursday and continue until Friday. However, the rain will likely be less than 1/3 of an inch.

Joyce Dudley is the Santa Barbara District Attorney. She stated that anyone who interferes with rescue efforts may be fined. They may also face jail time. Additionally, she stated that unauthorized people who attempt to enter the area will not only interfere with rescue efforts, but they also put themselves in danger.

Parts of U.S. 101 will stay closed for at least a week. This is a major highway that connects Northern and Southern California. The highway will be closed until the workers are able to clean up the area. Rain can make the clean up efforts more difficult.


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