Freedom Checks Versus Trump Bonus Checks

trump bonus freedom checks
Freedom Checks vs. Trump Bonus Checks

If you have been keeping up with the latest financial news in America, you have likely already heard of Trump Bonus Checks and Freedom Checks. Some people think both of these systems are too good to be true, but you need to take a close look at each side to get the complete picture. Both of these opportunities offer American citizens the chance to invest and earn more than they might with traditional retirement accounts and other investing opportunities. And they both offer a potentially safer and more secure way to invest than publicly traded companies as traditionally understood in the world of investing. But how do these two forms of checks compare? Are they both legitimate? Would Americans be better off investing in Trump Bonus Checks or ‘Freedom Checks,’ a phrase coined by investment expert, Matt Badiali, to describe checks written to average American who have invested in specific tax-exempt companies.

You will learn about these checks and how others have already made money from them, but this article also touches on Matt Badiali, the man who started it all. We’ll also delve into the details about how these two types of checks actually work and what makes one more effective than the other when it comes to improving your financial outlook. The facts you are going to discover will arm you with the tools required to make the right choice for you and your future. Following the right tips and keeping your needs at the front of your mind is how you get the best possible results. Remember—these opportunities are investments, not get-rich-quick schemes that offer up free money. That being said, even a small investment of a few hundred dollars can ultimately lead to tens of thousands of dollars in returns down the road—all free from income tax thanks to America’s regulations regarding returns on investments.

Trump Bonus Checks

We are first going to explore Trump Bonus Checks, what they are and how you can get your hands on them. Mike Burnick introduced the world to these Bonus Checks and promotes them to veterans of the United States Armed Forces. In his video touting these checks, Burnick discusses how these checks work and how they’re geared towards those who have served their country and want to receive compensation beyond what they’ve already received. If you watch the advertisement, Burnick states that people are entitled to the bonus checks because of their patriotism and the way they have supported their country. That’s a great pitch, and it plays to American patriotism and our eagerness to support those who have sacrificed their time and sometimes much more in order to keep this country safe and serve its interests at home and abroad. So what comes next in Burnick’s video?

Burnick then invites you to join his newsletter for $99 per year so that he can tell you how to claim your checks. The bottom line is that you can earn money from the system, but you will need to make investments. The Trump Bonus Checks are dividends you get after investing in the companies that Burnick recommends. That’s not to mention the initial investment of $99 that will be required for you to access this information through Burnick’s newsletter.

Burnick touts specific examples of veterans around the country receiving massive checks for as much as $10,000 or more. This ad is targeted mainly towards older veterans of wars in Vietnam and others, those who are in need of additional cash and feel that it’s owed them after all of the sacrifices they’ve made for this country. It’s a patriotic, beautiful message that can distract from whether or not these checks are legitimate and whether they can truly change lives the way that Burnick claims.

But the truth is that to claim any of these ‘Trump Bonus Checks’ that Burnick claims are available for the taking, veterans can’t just go on their service record alone. They require major investments, years in the making, to result in anything more than negligible returns. The advertisement touts how these checks can’t be erased by the government and are dependable even when the market is going through ups, downs, and disasters.

Unfortunately, unless dramatic changes occur to the tax code in the near future, many of the companies that could be paying out these bonus checks will only be paying out tiny amounts. And that is what has many American flocking to freedom checks as opposed to ‘Trump Bonus Checks.’

Freedom Checks

If you’ve learned everything you need to know about Trump bonus checks and how they work, you are now ready to look at the Freedom Checks and what they can do for you. Matt Badiali was the first person to use the term when he launched a viral video promoting them. Badiali describes Freedom Checks as a way for average Americans to make large amounts of money in a short period. Because the market is saturated with so-called get-rich-quick programs, some people are hesitant to take Badiali’s advice.

But reviewing Badiali’s past, education and experience paints a much different picture. He is a geologist who has traveled to inspect energy reserves in different parts of the world. He is educated and has found a way to make an impressive profit. Rather than keeping the information to himself, Badiali has opted to share his findings with the world.

But before we go any further into an examination of what exactly freedom checks are and how they work, let’s learn more about Matt Badiali and how he came to discover this powerful form of investing.

Badiali believes that everyone around the country wants more than they have. It would allow them to take that vacation they’ve always dreamed of, or complete that big project they’ve always wanted to finish. As a result, there are companies around the world offering the ability to make a fortune without having to do any work or make hardly any investment in the slightest. But Badiali understands that this isn’t always the case.

When he first discovered Freedom Checks, he was understandably skeptical. How could average Americans invest so little and experience such a massive rate of return over time? Individuals around the country were claiming to receive monthly checks totaling as much as $10,000, $30,000, and even $50,000 every single month or quarter.

But he soon found that there was more to freedom checks than just a get-rich-quick opportunity. These checks were the result of a list of 568 companies that had achieved tax-free status from the U.S. government based on a very specific set of parameters. These include investments in natural resources and the resources industry, as well as a willingness to pay large amounts to investors around the country. These investors could invest as little as $10 and still be entitled to these payouts, though larger investments would naturally result in much larger payments. No matter the background, financial situation, or age of investors in these specific companies, they can start receiving checks in the short-term depending on their investment.

Learn More About Banyan Hill Publishing

Badiali works for Banyan Hill Publishing, a company focused heavily on investing. They spend their time digging into domestic and international markets in order to determine which stocks will succeed and which will fail. This analysis is built on in-depth data tracking and expertise from investors around the world.

Banyan Hill, with Matt Badiali taking the lead, has offered to provide subscribers with direct access to the 568 companies that are considered on-fire investments thanks to their ability to write freedom checks to their investors. Perhaps the most appealing element to most curious onlookers is that not a single one of these over 500 companies requires an investment of more than $10 per share. For such a low barrier of entry, many Americans are throwing their hats into the ring to find out how much they can get in return.

Are Freedom Checks an Investment?

When hearing of Freedom Checks for the first time, some people protest that nothing in life is free, and they are not wrong. It’s vital you understand that the Freedom Check is an investment that offers unbeatable returns. Based on Matt Badiali’s calculations, he believes investors who move quickly can get up to an 8,000 percent return on their investment, which is groundbreaking news.

That doesn’t mean that anyone will be receiving free money. Just like investing in stocks and bonds, the larger your investment, the larger your return. But what makes freedom checks so valuable is that they offer a stable form of investment that’s nonetheless capable of delivering far higher returns than social security or traditional 401(k) savings accounts. As a result, these freedom check investments are becoming increasingly common as Americans look for new, more robust ways to pump up their savings for retirement.

Understanding Statute 26-F

If you want to learn everything there is to know about the Freedom Check, take a good look at Statute 26-F. Enacted by Congress in 1987, Statute 26-F aims to encourage American companies to search for and extract natural resources domestically rather than depend on foreign oil companies. The goal was to stimulate the local economy, generate jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Although the statute has been in place for more than 20 years, it has only recently come to public attention.

To qualify for Statute 26-F, a company must meet two requirements:

  • Generate 90 Percent Profit From Domestic Resources
  • Pay Investors Lucrative Dividends

In other words, you can get a Freedom Check by investing in U.S. oil and gas companies that meet Statute 26-F requirements. The Freedom Check is more profitable than other investment options because you won’t need to pay much tax on your profits. In his viral video, Matt Badiali promotes a program in which he teaches people how to find and invest in these companies. He urges those who would like to enjoy the benefits to act before they miss the window of opportunity.

These investments are more than just shares in a publicly traded company. They guarantee regular payouts regardless of how well or how poorly the market might be doing at a given time. That’s because in order to retain their tax free status, these companies must consistently make lucrative payouts to their investors even if they haven’t made massive gains in that month or quarter. That’s why freedom checks are considered a stable, powerful form of investing.

More Than $34.8 Billion to Be Paid by July

If you follow Matt Badiali, you have heard his statement that the Freedom Check will pay out more than $3.8 billion by July, which is a bold claim. You must remember that the Freedom Check comes from investments in oil and gas companies that operate nearly tax-free.

During his travels, Badiali has discovered the U.S. is working to reduce its dependence on foreign oil companies. Also, growing tension in the Middle East is making it much more difficult for foreign companies to export oil and gas around the world. As these conditions combine to restrict access to foreign oil, American companies will have to turn their attention to domestic sources.

Badiali expects many more people to buy oil from the companies that make Freedom Checks possible, and each investor will get a fair share of the massive payout. If you are like other prospective investors, you might be holding back until you get a little more information, but you don’t want to fall into that trap. According to Badiali, getting your shares before the demand for domestic oil skyrockets is the key to obtaining the payout of which you have been dreaming. You can invest as much or as little as you want, and you will be glad you did.

A Quick Review of Master Limited Partnerships

Let’s explore master limited partnerships and how they work, which gives you a much better understanding of the investment you are considering. An MLP is a partnership that falls within Statute 26-F regulations, which means earning most of its profit from natural resources.

If you invest in an MLP, you become a limited partner and will receive a share of the company’s income. General partners, on the other hand, are in charge of the daily operations of the company. By investing in an MLP, you get the tax benefits of a limited partnership with the flexibility of a publicly traded company, allowing you to enjoy the best of both sides.

As a result, you’ll not only receive investment returns based on the MLP company’s success. You’ll also receive dividends based on the company’s requirements under the Statute 26-F regulations we mentioned above. That’s what makes investing in MLPs such a lucrative opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Although many people know about Freedom Checks, a lot of people are confused about how they work and why they have a lot of potential. Geologist and investing expert Matt Badiali predicts that U.S. companies will soon turn to domestic sources for gas and oil. When that happens, oil companies operating as master limited partnerships will see massive profit spikes, and the limited partners will get their fair share of the payout.

But it’s important to remember that this isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme that requires no up-front investment or patience. It’s truly an investment, one that will reward those who are willing to invest higher amounts with higher returns and dividends. That being said, what’s begun to turn freedom checks into a nationwide phenomenon is that they’re much more lucrative than many other investment opportunities, and carry far less risk. And when you consider the boom in the domestic energy market that experts like Badiali anticipate is coming in the next few years, these investments are only going to become even more lucrative.

So what does that mean for average citizens like you? It means that you might just have a brand new opportunity to earn more money and save more for your retirement, or even start making serious changes to your lifestyle within a few months. If you can jump onboard the opportunities presented by freedom checks, you could find yourself making a dramatic step up in lifestyle that will transform the way you live for good—and not just starting in a few decades, but right now. Today.

Some people are sitting back and waiting to see what happens next. They worry that this opportunity seems to good to be true or they don’t understand the nature of the investment. But the truth is that it’s a genuinely lucrative opportunity that’s easy to miss. Others are jumping on board so that they can be among those who enjoy the rewards. If you are still interested in MLPs or would like to enjoy the benefits, you still have time if you take action right away. These opportunities won’t be here forever, and the faster you get involved the more quickly you’ll be able to start receiving these massive payouts on a regular basis.



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