German ‘Playboy’ Breaks Barriers With First Transgender Cover Girl


Playboy magazine has had a long tradition of taking bold chances with its pictorials and the German edition of the magazine will be upholding that tradition. The magazine will feature its first transgender model, as it features 21-year-old Giuliana Farfalla on the cover.
Giuliana Farfalla Goes Topless for German Playboy Cover
Censorship is a less strict in Germany than it is in the United States and Playboy has often taken advantage of that by showing its cover models topless. Giuliana Farfalla will be the latest topless beauty to grace the magazine’s cover. This may be welcome news to the transgender model’s fans, who have been following her rise to fame on reality TV.
Florian Boitin, the editor-in-chief for the German edition of Playboy, says the magazine is proud to welcome Ms. Farfalla. She adds that Giuliana is being featured for more than her beauty.
“[Giuliana Farfalla is a] beautiful example of how important the fight for the right to self-determination is.”
Possibly anticipating backlash from Playboy‘s readership, Boitin also pointed out that featuring a transgender model was in line with founder Hugh Hefner’s vision for the magazine. Playboy has always endeavored to provide diverse and inclusive content, pointed out the editor-in-chief.
Farfalla’s pictorial comes just one year after the U.S. edition featured its first transgender model. The model says she’s “super proud” to have been asked to pose for Playboy and shared pictures from the day of her shoot on Instagram. The edition featuring her cover will hit stands on Thursday.
Giuliana was Born in the Wrong Body
Giuliana Farfalla was born a male named Pascal Radermacher in Breisgau, which is a city in the southeastern part of Germany. Speaking about her gender identity, she says she has always felt as though she had been born the wrong gender. When she turned 16, she underwent gender reassignment surgery and has been living as a female ever since.
Farfalla gained national attention in her native country, when she appeared in the last season of Germany’s Next Top Model. She said her reason for competing on the reality series was to bring greater attention to the transgender community and to encourage other transgender models to compete.
Ms. Farfalla has always been very outspoken in her support of transgender and transexual individuals. Giuliana’s Playboy cover is sure to get people talking, bringing greater support for that cause that she cares so deeply about.


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