The US Armed Forces Preparing for a Possible Conflict in the Korean Peninsula


The American military is in preparations to go to war in the likely event that North Korea provokes South Korea or disrupts the schedules Winter Olympic in Pyeongchang next month. This can be inferred from two incidences that happened during the past weekend. One of the newspapers reported on Sunday that American troops are actively carrying out joint military training exercise with their counterparts from South Korea in preparing towards possible armed conflict with Pyongyang. Another of the mainstream newsrooms on Monday reported that the Trump administration has now started to deploy Nimitz-class, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and assault ships to the Korean Peninsula to step up its military presence ahead of the Winter Olympics.

Moreover, the government of Japan is in the final preparations to have Japanese citizens who work, study and live in South Korea in case Pyongyang decides to strike Seoul. Although the tensions in the region are very high, the possibility that war would erupt is minimal considering that the North Koreans have said that they will send a delegation to the Winter Olympics in South Korea which is scheduled for the 9th of February. However, the US military is preparing for such an eventuality all the same. The Associated Press reported that the US armed forces have started to deploy assault ships, troops and bomber planes closer to North Korea.

For instance, three B-2 Spirit stealth bombers have been deployed the US owned island of Guam in the Pacific which is just 2,200 miles away from North Korea. The B-2 stealth bomber is the most expensive aircraft in the world with a unit cost of over $2 billion with the capacity to fly half-way around the globe without refueling. The most deadly feature about the bomber is that it is made from composite radar absorbing material which means that it can never be picked up by enemy radar when in missions to bomb enemy targets.

The US Air force has also sent six B-52 bombers to the Guam Island which are capable of carrying and deploying a nuclear arsenal. The US Navy has also deployed the USS Carl Vinson to the western side of the Pacific. Reports from the US Navy say that it is part of the regular deployment, but that is something that Pyongyang should be concerned about. The USS Carl Vinson is a Nimitz-class super carrier with the ability to carry more than 100 attacks and fighter aircraft on its flight and hangar decks. You can think of it as a sea-going airbase with the ability to project force from virtually anywhere in the world.


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