An Order from the US Supreme Court Allows for A Revamp of the Electoral map In Pennsylvania


On Monday, the US Supreme court gave an order to block a ruling that had been issued by a subordinate court that required congressional districts that were drawn from the Republican Party in the state of Pennsylvania to be reworked. This move boosted the hopes by Democrats of regaining control of the US House of Representatives in Congress. Justice Samuel Alito immediately denied the request that had been submitted by Republican lawmakers to have the state’s electoral district boundaries reworked. This order preserved a ruling that had been issued by the senior-most court in Pennsylvania that argued that the conservatives had sought an unlawful partisan advantage over their counterparts from the Democratic Party in drawing the boundaries.

The Republican legislators have been given until Friday to submit a new map by the US Supreme Court ruling which was issued on January 22. The revised map is to be presented to Pennsylvania state governor Tom Wolf who hails from the Democratic Party. Governor Wolf will then have until Feb 15 to approve or disapprove of any changes made on the congressional district boundaries. The Pennsylvania court alluded that it would be forced to rewrite the map if the stipulated deadlines will pass without the legislators having reached any consensus. The top Republican legislators from the state including Mike Turzai who serves as the House Speaker and Joe Scarnati who is the President Pro tempore in the State Senate have argued that they have a firm conviction that the state Supreme Court had exceeded its mandate.

The two conservatives said that the new model of the map would be critical in assisting candidates from the Democratic Party a chance to pick a few seats that are currently held by Republicans in Pennsylvania. According to polls that have been carried out recently, the electorate is set to favor the Democratic Party in the coming Mid-term elections as compared to the Republican agenda that is being propagated by the White House. As of today, only five of the 18 congressional seats in the state of Pennsylvania are held by legislators from the Democratic Party. Democrats will have to win at least 24 seats in the US House of Representatives that are currently held by conservatives so they can regain control of the US Congress after the forthcoming elections in November this year. Pennsylvania is considered as one of the swing states that determine who takes leadership at Capitol Hill.


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