Chinese Term Limits Could Go Bye-Bye


Traditionally, the President of People’s Republic of China has been limited to serving just two five-year terms, given the then-current official was able to get elected a second time.

China’s current senior-most official, Xi Jinping, was elected to the post in 2013. Now, as his first presidential term crescendoes, the Communist Party of China – the party that Xi Jinping is a member of – has publicly announced its plan to rid the nation of presidential term limits, potentially granting China’s current president Xi to remain in charge indefinitely.

If the term limit is scrapped, such changes will apply to both the presidency and vice presidency of the nation’s government.

China initially enacted a two-term limit after former founding father Mao Tse-tung led the nation from its creation in 1949 until his death 27 years later. Mao was responsible for feeding the Cultural Revolution, which destroyed much of traditional, conservative Chinese culture long-established in the region hundreds of years prior.

The Communist Party of China is composed of roughly 200 political figures, and released the proposal to nix term limits in Chinese presidents and vice presidents today, on Sunday, February 25, 2018. Although this is fresh news, the Communist Party initially approved the amendment limiting term limits more than one month ago.

Willy Lam, a researcher and academic expert on the politics of elite figures and how they come to rise at the Chinese University of Hong Kong believes that the amendment “is a very dangerous proposition,” as a lack of term limits could cause Xi Jinping to act in opposition of the best interests of the people he serves and the governmental framework that supports them.

Tornadoes In America’s Heartland Claim At Least Two Kentuckians’ Lives

A violent storm system spread across the central United States of America on Saturday, February 24. The Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, tweeted on Saturday that at least two people passed away as a result of “severe weather events.” The storm system was reported to have included heavy winds, multiple tornados, tons of rain, and even substantial hail.

In that same tweet, Matt Bevin urged fellow Kentuckians to “Please take weather watches/warnings seriously, and stay safe.”

A 79-yaer-old female living in a rural area in south-central Kentucky is reported to have passed away following the ravaging of her home by a rogue tornado. The lady’s home collapsed, pinning her underneath.


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