New Alliance with Kurdish fighters Complicates US Relationship Even further


The long and messy civil war in Syria which started back in 2011 just got even more complicated. In addition to the numerous rival factions in Syria, it has appeared that a new alliance has been forged between the Kurdish militia and the pro-government fighters loyal to the Syrian president Bashar-al-Assad. Forces that pledge allegiance to the government of Syria will be deployed to a region that has been held by Kurdish fighters of Afrin within a short time to assist in the defense against Turkish forces which have launched a deadly offensive for the last one month. There were according to the SANA, which is a News agency in Syria.

The move is a direct result of a pact that was negotiated by the Kurdish forces in Afrin and the Syrian government led by President Assad. These two groups that have been fighting on different fronts against the Islamist fighters, ISIS will unite against a month-long offensive launched by the Turkish military against the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the region of Afrin. The government of turkey views the YPG and the Kurdish fighters as sponsors of global terrorism and have had strongly linked to a Kurdish terrorist group that has reigned terror inside Turkey.

However, the matter is set to be even more complicated as the YPG is the backbone of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) which has for quite some time received significant backing from the United States military who have played a critical role in the war against the Islamist fighters in Syria. If there is a confirmation of the reports, it will, therefore, mean that United States allies will be fighting side by side with pro-government of Syria fighters which have been for a long time opposed by Washington. It has not yet been clear, what kind of forces are being deployed by the Syrian regime and the exact time that the deployment will happen.

Badran Jia Kurd, an official for the Kurdish fighters said that there will be a deployment of army troops along the Syrian international border based on a pact that was negotiated between the Syrian Kurdish fighters and the Government of Syria in Damascus. When the officials of the YPG were contacted to make a statement by the CNN, they declined to make any comments on the issue. Since January 20 this year, Afrin has born most of the attacks that have been perpetrated by the Turkish armed forces since operation Olive Branch was launched by Ankara.


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