The US and turkey Lock Heads as Relations Continue to Deteriorate


The relations between Washington and Istanbul are in a deep crisis. The disputed between the countries now seem to be infinite from the attempted coup in turkey in 2016, to US’s Middle East foreign policy to human rights and Syria. Just last year, Turkey and the US suspended the issuance of visas to their citizens who wanted to travel to either country which represented an all-time low in the bilateral relationship. The leaders of these two nations have extremely quick triggers to anger and temperament as shown by them banning visas to their respective citizens.

The Koç Rams American coach, John Booker has said that the strained relationship between Turkey and the US has given rise to anxiety. Mr. Booker adds that the two heads of state are also quite difficult for anyone to predict their next move or what was going to happen shortly. The diplomatic ties between these two nations have almost reached a breaking point in the past few months. Turkey has taken on a new offensive of bombing Syrian fighters of Kurdish descent who were given military and logistical support by the United States. Ankara perceived the Kurdish fighters as sponsors of global terrorism who are connected to the Kurdish insurgents who have staged a bloody war in Turkey since the 1980s.

However, the US government sees them as coalition forces on the ground who have helped them in the fight against ISIS. The likelihood of a direct military confrontation between the two most massive armies in NATO is growing by the day. Volkan Bozkir who serves as a member of parliament and the chair of the committee on foreign affairs with the ruling AK Party said that Turkey does not have a problem with Washington. Mr. Bozkir said that the Turks and the Americans have striven and fought together for stability and peace in the region which has been historically unstable.

The MP said that to repair the relationship between the two nations, they must start at looking at how 30,000 lives have been lost on the hands of Kurdish fighters in Syria who have received support both regarding personnel and logistics from the United States. The dispute runs deeper as Ankara places blame on a Turkish cleric for planning and executing an attempted coup in 2016 and have received sanctuary in the United States. Turkey has made constant requests for his extradition but to no avail.


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