Atlanta’s Dr. Mark McKenna is Uberizing Medical Aesthetics

Update July 26th: you can now find Dr. Mark Mckenna on His first post has recently been featured in NoteWorthy: Dr. Mark Mckenna: A Brief History Of Me (OVME)

By 2024, Americans will pour an estimated $27 billion into the medical aesthetics market, clamoring for botox, body sculpting and other rejuvenating services. And Dr. Mark McKenna, who has just launched OVME, an app-based, on-demand cosmetics service in Atlanta, will no doubt be on the forefront.

Dr. Mark McKenna As it stands, there are two things that make this particular cosmetics services business different. The disruptive, innovative service model, and its highly successful, entrepreneurial founder, Dr. Mark McKenna.

OVME Atlanta Dr. Mark McKenna
OVME recently opened the doors to it’s location in Buckhead

Let’s start with OVME, pronounced “of me”, McKenna’s new venture. When clients need a spot of Juvederm or a chemical peel, they typically call their doctor, set up an appointment, and come into a medical office for their injections.

With OVME, the exclusive perk of having a physician come to you is a basic part of the service. Using the soon-to-be-launched OVME app, users can schedule appointments for doctors throughout the Atlanta area, based on the services they need – and when they need them.    

In many states, doctors, nurse practitioners and other professionals can administer Kybella injections to reduce fat under the chin, use Juvederm Voluma XC to add volume to the cheeks, or inject Restylane LYFT to reverse a loss of volume in the middle of the face. With the app, highly-skilled, independent Aesthetics physicians come to the client.  

Another advantage to the OVME user is the open market principal. In Atlanta, dozens of plastic surgeons and Aestheticians fight for market share, offering significant deals and discounts to the area’s 5.8 million+ residents. With entrepreneurial, independent physicians and specialists offering the same services beyond regular working hours, as a sort of side enterprise, prices stay within a reasonable, affordable range.  

But OVME is more than just an app, OVME is also Dr. Mark McKenna’s slick, new cosmetic services boutique in Buckhead. With roughly 1,500 feet of space, this Peachtree Road location will give clients a central hub to get medical-grade facials, laser hair removal, hydration therapy and more.

A key driver to OVME’s in-house services will be the customer experience. McKenna and his staff have worked to streamline the treatment experience, making each part  pleasant, efficient and professional. At the OVME studio, consultants will help clients make the best treatment decisions, based on age and individual need.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s ultimate play is to bring OVME’s Uber-type service to cities around the country.
OVME Atlanta Dr. Mark McKenna This blend of new-school technology and brick & mortar location is just the latest in a string of ventures by Dr. Mark McKenna. While McKenna is a respected, licensed doctor of both surgery and medicine, he has a history of entrepreneurship beyond healthcare.

It all started with McKenna’s graduation from Tulane’s prestigious medical school. Rather than make a 100% commitment to medicine immediately after graduation, Dr. Mark McKenna built up a real estate business while simultaneously practicing medicine with his father, also a physician.

So, what was McKenna’s real estate city of choice? New Orleans.

After a few years in business, McKenna’s boutique real estate development firm, McKenna Venture Investments, was one of the most successful players in the New Orleans area. Staffed with more than 50 employees, the company offered mortgage, lending and closing services, acquiring two competitor real estate companies while building a healthy, loyal client base.

His business was worth as much as $5 million, and Dr. Mark McKenna was making half a million per year as a real estate mogul. Life was good.

But on one fateful day in August 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Big Easy, destroying the vast majority of McKenna’s real estate holdings.
Atlanta Dr. Mark McKenna
All-told, the Category 5 hurricane caused more than $81 billion in property damage, and was, at the time, the most expensive hurricane in the history of the United States. In a single night, Dr. Mark McKenna lost millions of his own dollars in property and investment.  

Many business owners would have walked away from the city right then and there. But McKenna stayed, buying property on the cheap and building low-income housing for the displaced residents of New Orleans.

After closing his real estate business, McKenna moved to Atlanta, where he opened a chain of cosmetic treatment boutiques. From weight counseling to nutrition counseling to botox injections, ShapeMed was 100% self-funded. Before long, ShapeMed was sold to a chain of gyms, Lifetime Fitness, and McKenna bowed out, ready for his next entrepreneurial project: OVME.

OVME Dr Mark MCkenna
McKenna describes OVME as a technology-enabled medical aesthetic company with a purpose: To fundamentally change elective healthcare. Unburdened by insurance companies and their infamous red tape, OVME clients will enjoy high-quality, minimally-invasive, affordable cosmetic services at the hands of some of the most skilled physicians in their local areas.  

So, what’s McKenna’s overall plan for OVME? To move beyond Atlanta and open up operations in Nashville, Las Vegas and beyond. McKenna has crafted a 5-year-plan, backed financially by investors, that has OVME moving into strategic markets across the country.

He has also expressed an interest in letting patients use crypto currency to pay for procedures, once crypto is secure and ready for business.

Dr. Mark McKenna has proven himself, time and again, that he’s one of the country’s most imaginative, resilient entrepreneurs. If ShapeMed and McKenna Venture Investments are reliable success indicators, OVME will be another high-profile feather in McKenna’s cap.   


  1. An innovative way to approach patients that sounds really promising. I believe that he will be successful in this. 

  2. If this goes nationwide and global, Dr. McKenna will surely make a name for himself and be at par with those young, dynamic innovators who are frontrunners of America’s evolution. And I can see no reason for his downfall given his skillset.


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