Customizable Cabinets: Product Features of Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry: Home Improvement
Siteline Cabinetry: Home Improvement

Siteline Cabinetry is a new product line offered by The Corsi Group, an established cabinetry maker that has over 40 years of industry experience. This new cabinetry line, manufactured at a dedicated location in Keysville, Virginia, has seen substantial growth since 2015. Featuring pieces that can be fully customized at a competitive price point, Siteline Cabinetry allows designers to work with homeowners in choosing the best cabinet options to fit their home.


Homeowners can completely customize cabinets from the ground up including choosing the wood, door styles and final finishes. Many different options are available in order to create a custom look that is unique to every home. The large amount of product options available allows designers to coordinate pieces that will fit their client’s tastes and preferences. Learn more about the different features of Siteline products below:


Every Cabinet Is Unique

Siteline Cabinetry doesn’t have storage facilities or warehouses where pre-built cabinets are located. Each Siteline cabinet is custom made to fit the client’s own unique specifications. Designers can choose from pre-configured layouts or create a custom design depending on the homeowner’s needs. Every cabinet ordered will be perfectly designed down to the inch to fit each unique space. Choose from a wide variety of drawer depths to help create a custom cabinet system that will meet individual homeowner needs as well.


Cabinetry for Every Space

Cabinets can be ordered for all areas of a home including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or mudroom. Different materials can be used to create cabinetry that will offer the most use in each area of the home. Due to their customization, Siteline Cabinets can easily fit into each area of a home that needs a little bit of extra storage.


Custom Designed For Homeowners

Siteline Cabinetry is only available to designers who work alongside homeowners on remodeling projects. Working with a designer helps homeowners choose the best options that will fit their individual needs. Siteline does have authorized dealers, such as Luxcraft Cabinets, that feature their own in house designers to assist homeowners in purchasing customized cabinetry. These authorized dealers are well versed in Siteline products and can help guide homeowners who may become overwhelmed with the wide selection of product choices available.


Many Wood Options

Depending on where your cabinets will be located and used, Siteline Cabinetry offers a wide variety of wood base choices. Homeowners can choose between alder, cherry, maple, and red oak wood selections that all have different features and compositions. Certain woods are usually paired with different styles that homeowners can choose from including: traditional, transitional, or contemporary. Each wood type also has its own available selection of glazes and stains to bring out the true beauty of the wood grain.


A Door for Every Style

Siteline Cabinetry offers 47 different types of doors which allow designers to choose what will best fit their overall design style. Customers can choose cabinet doors with slab fronts that will offer a clean overall look. Doors can also feature special inserts like glass and textures that will create more depth and interest to a home. A wide selection of framed door options is also available that feature different wood details within the panel of the door itself.


Wide Range Of Finishes

To top it all off, Siteline Cabinetry offers a wide variety of different finishes and colors to tailor the cabinet to the homeowner’s style. 44 base paint colors are offered that can be mixed to create well over 130 choices of paint colors and glazes. There are also a total of 289 material finishes that can be used to create a truly customized look. Some of the finishes available include high gloss acrylic, thermofoil, polyester wrap, wood stain, thermally fused laminate and decorative veneers. The large amount of finishing options available makes Siteline Cabinetry a leader in cabinetry customization.


Fast Production

Once homeowners have chosen their custom cabinetry, it takes about 4-5 weeks for cabinets to be completed which is much quicker than the industry standard. Siteline’s manufacturing facility focuses on lean processes which make their lead times smaller as everything has been streamlined to make production faster and easier. Quality craftsmen with years of experience use top of the line technology and processes in order to create durable and long lasting cabinetry.


The customized products of Siteline Cabinetry allow homeowners a wide range of choices when completing a remodeling project. Designers work closely with clients in order to pick the style that is right for their individual needs. This also helps homeowners choose from the many options available in order to produce a cabinet system that will match their home’s overall style. The wide variety of options makes Siteline Cabinetry an industry leader in providing beautiful custom cabinetry.

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