Darkseid’s Potential in “New Gods” Film


Ava DuVernay’s New Gods film has just been announced, and at this point, anything about it is speculative. However, fans are probably not jumping the gun to assume that Darkseid is going to be in it, and this film has the potential to explore him in ways that Justice League probably could not.

The New Gods are a race of powerful, semi-immortal beings reside in a parallel dimension called the Fourth World. They are divided into two planets: New Genesis, a peaceful utopia ruled by the Highfather, and Apokolips, a mechanical dystopia ruled by Darkseid. The Highfather’s goal is to keep everything in tune with the God-like being called the Source; Darkseid, however, wishes to gain the Anti-Life Equation, which can obliterate all free will and make everyone in the universe subservient to him.

Darkseid was apparently planned to be featured in the two-part Justice League film; when it was bumped down to one movie, he was shelved for later, while the main villain was his uncle and general, Steppenwolf. However, even if he hated made his DC Extended Universe premiere, it would only have been as a vile antagonist, while a potential New Gods movie could delve into his backstory and show how he became so twisted.

Originally named Uxas, Darkseid is the son of Apokolips’ previous monarch, Yuga Khan, and his wife Heggra; the family is royally screwed up. Young Uxas killed his brother and in stole the Omega Force, turning him into the rocklike form that he has today. Meanwhile, Heggra killed Darkseid’s first wife and was murdered by Darkseid in turn. All this could be a fascinating Game of Thrones-style science fantasy, showing how Darkseid became such a vicious tyrant.

And then we have Darkseid’s own sons: his devoted eldest Kalibak, but also Orion and the adopted Scott Free/Mister Miracle, both of whom oppose Darkseid and seek to end his evil advance. All of them have a potential to appear in the New Gods film, and if it is part of the DCEU, Scott (who moves to Earth with his wife, Big Barda, a former enforcer of Darkseid) could provide a connection to the other heroes.

In short, New Gods could make Darkseid more than just the biggest villain of the DC Universe, but also one of the most dramatic.


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