Dick’s Sporting Goods And Walmart Set A Standard


Planet Earth is pained by the past two decades’ untethered influx of mass shootings in the United States of America. Despite the incidence of such tragic occurrences doing nothing but increasing in the past few years, American lawmakers haven’t made substantial – if any, at all – progress towards reducing this mind-boggling, bone-chilling frequency of shootings claiming excessive yields of victims.

Regardless of which side of the political aisle you stand on, I’m willing to bet that you wish something would happen to reduce mass shootings’ victim count and frequencies in the United States.

Retailers Are Taking Issues Into Their Own Hands

Dick’s Sporting Goods, a sports, outdoor, and firearm retailer based in America, annouced earlire this week that it wouldn’t be selling long guns identical to those used in the military – the only difference is that they aren’t truly fully-automatic, though modifications like bump stocks can cause these guns to match the fire rate of real-deal, fully-automatic military-utilized weapons – any longer.

Further, the retailer is now requiring all firearm buyers to be at least 21 years of age.

Walmart, the largest supermarket in North America, if not the entirety of planet Earth, announced that its minimum age to purchase any firearm or type of ammunition would immediately be raised from the legal limit of 18 to 21. The big-box, low-price retailer is ahead of the proverbial curve in limiting its sales of military-style weapons, having abolished such weapons like the mass-shooting favorite AR-15s.

Walmart Is Taking Additional Precautions, Setting A Precedent In Responding To Mass Shooting Issues In The United States

Airsoft “toys” and guns, well-known as nonlethal weapons, even in close-range scenarios and when targeted at the most sensitive parts of the human body, have also been removed from all of Walmart’s stores. Any listings of such products have also been taken down from the company’s website, preventing customers from purchasing them through the good-hearted organization.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Is Doing Well For America, As Well

Mr. Ed Stack, the Chief Executive Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods, made the outdoor and sporting goods retailer’s decision public on Good Morning America, one of the nation’s most popular morning talk shows, which was also students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s first day back to class following mid-February’s 17-odd-casualty shooting.

The gunman purchased a shotgun from Dick’s in November 2017. Even though it wasn’t used, Stack felt such rule changes were absolutely necessary, in response. Stack and other executives at Dick’s were “deeply affected” by the purchase and felt obligated to respond.


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