The Firing of the Immediate Former State Secretary Leaves Washington Diplomacy in Turmoil


President Trump threw US diplomacy into a new turmoil by firing Rex Tillerson on Tuesday. The state Secretary is alleged to have known about his removal from office via Twitter. Donald Trump used the same social media platform to promote two public officials who had been accused of human rights violations for overseeing or endorsing torture in the name of enhanced interrogation. Tillerson, who was visibly demoralized and shaken stated the US State Department where he dint takes any question from reporters. In his statement, he never criticized Trump’s decision to fire him and nor did he thank him.

Tillerson said that he was ranged by Trump and the White House chief of Staff John Kelly, who said that the administration wanted to have clarity in the coming months regarding foreign relations. Tillerson added that what was most important and fair for the American people was to ensure that there was a smooth transition. This comes at a time when the United States continues to confront security and policy challenges that are so significant. All-State Secretary duties were delegated to John Sullivan who serves as the deputy secretary. Rex Tillerson’s time at the State Department will officially come to an end on March 31.

The outgoing State Secretary said that he exceeded the expectations of the American people and the world during his tenure in office. He said that he was able to do more than what many people thought was unachievable when dealing with the repressive regime in North Korea. However, Tillerson admitted to the fact that there was still a lot of work that needed to be done when it comes to Washington’s relationship with China. He also singled out that the Trump administration needed to do in quelling the troubling actions by the Kremlin. Tillerson said that Moscow needs to carry out a careful assessment of how its decisions are in Russians’ best interest.

He added that a continuation of Kremlin’s current trajectory would only lead to even more isolation of the Russian people and their government on the world stage. President Trump’s decision to have the Director of the CIA replace Tillerson at the helm of the State Department came as a surprise to even members of the administration’s inner circle. Trump also nominated Mike Pompeo’s deputy, Gina Haspel as the first female boss of the federal agency. Pompeo has been accused of building stumbling blocks to the closure of Guantanamo Bay.


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