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Glen Wakeman founded the company LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, in 2015. It is classified as a software as a service company or SAAS. This is a company that optimizes the function of startup businesses by providing the most critical tools needed for early capital development and growth within the software. He also provides expert consultation services and maintains an active social media presence. He has worked in a variety of capacities in the business world, and this includes leadership roles in positions of finance and management. He brings a global perspective into his work, and this is reflected in his consulting services and business articles. As an author, he is committed to providing as much information as possible to the future generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Consultation services are available through his company, and this enables the business owner to work through their ideas for growth and marketing until it becomes a viable plan.


His software tool is particularly useful to companies during their earliest phases of development. This product is uniquely capable of solving some of the most pressing issues that face entrepreneurs in the early stages of their company’s lifecycle. He used a wide range of personal and professional experiences in order to design software with the capacity to meet the needs of business owners who have a need to transform their vision for success into an action plan. The software addresses the area where these businesses face a high failure rate. Glen Wakeman noticed that this problem was widespread and pervasive, yet it was rarely being addressed. His software provides the structure for business owners who require a structured platform that has the capacity to transform their great ideas into a workable action plan. It took many years of research and development to come up with this toolkit for business owners, and it represents a large body of knowledge that was accumulated over a long period of time.


Glen Wakeman, Founder of LaunchPad Holdings


LaunchPad Holdings was started as a vehicle for Glen Wakeman to present his five-step methodology, which is being implemented in companies and small business entities around the world. This method represents many years in the field as a business entrepreneur, corporate manager, CEO, and investor. He integrates various aspects of these roles in order to solve the most common problems faced by emerging businesses in a competitive global marketplace. He can speak authoritatively on a variety of subjects that concern business owners who are anxious to grow. This includes marketing strategies as well as advice on the timing of resource acquisition. Once the available options are clear, it is possible to make an informed decision. As a professional who traveled the world, he brings valuable insights into these daily decisions.


Glen Wakeman is well-known for his five-step method (CFO/CFOInterviews). This is a real innovation in the business world, and he is always excited to present it as a powerful tool for business leaders. It allows executives to simplify concepts and come to practical solutions by understanding each area. His innovations include using machine learning in order to craft solutions to daily problems related to quality assurance, productivity and critical decisions about the direction of the organization. These steps can be applied to almost any critical business situation. That is the power of this method, which is available through a consultation with Glen Wakeman.


This method consists of the following five steps:


  1. Risk Management
  2. Human Capital
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Implementation
  5. Governance


LaunchPad Holding’s Software Toolkit


Glen Wakeman understands the potential benefits as well as the possible drawbacks of automation through software. His signature software is called the LaunchPad Toolkit, and it is a powerful tool that allows business leaders to take care of the most common problems facing businesses without having to re-invent the process. This software allows the business leader to make calculated decisions that can shape the direction of the business for many years into the future. By integrating his experience into a software product, Glen Wakeman makes it possible for new entrepreneurs to learn from his extensive history in the field.


This software is designed to help the leadership of each business make decisions that lead to profitability and solvency. Entrepreneurs can now significantly reduce the type of mistakes made during the first critical five years by leveraging the power of this software. For example, the toolkit can be a great resource for entrepreneurs who are in the process of determining whether to incorporate as an LLC, an S-Corp, a partnership or a sole proprietorship. The type of business entity should reflect the actual type of business activities that will be conducted well into the future. This decision can also have consequences during tax season, so it is important to get it right the first time.


A high failure rate is endemic in the business world, and the toolkit is just one of the resources offered through LaunchPad Holdings. Prospective clients should also be aware of the power of combining the software with personalized consultations with Glen Wakeman. This is the chance for business owners to become familiar with concepts like human capital. His consultation services help entrepreneurs prioritize according to their strengths and opportunities. This also helps them to identify areas of potential weakness and resolve them well in advance of any problems (


Glen Wakeman’s Philosophy, Background


Glen Wakeman integrates his background as a corporate executive and manager with his experiences traveling around the world. He integrated these insights in order to address the most common reasons for early failure of new businesses. By identifying the source of the problem and taking concrete steps to resolve it, Glen Wakeman is positioned as a leading voice in the business world. His company is dedicated to assisting new business owners in crafting a workable plan of action from their original concepts or ideas. As simple as this may sound on the surface, it is extremely difficult to execute.


With his background Glen Wakeman is fully capable of giving expert advice on business formation, management structure, marketing strategies and other critical business functions. After graduating from the University of Scranton with bachelor’s degrees in economics, he pursued his master’s degree in the field of finance. These credentials enabled him to embark on a series of entrepreneurial activities that span the globe. His writings are dedicated to providing useful information to business owners and entrepreneurs who are going through the same obstacles.

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