Grandmother Demands Answers After Grandson Killed By Officer


Stephon Clark was killed in his own backyard in Sacramento by a police officer who thought that the young man had a gun in his hand. There have been varying reports as to exactly what Clark was holding with some people claiming he had a cellphone and some people claiming that he was holding nothing at all. Clark’s grandmother took to social media pages to plead for some kind of justice for her grandson’s death.

Sequita Thompson is trying to cope with the death of her grandson. She doesn’t believe that he had to die the way that he did and that the family deserves at least an explanation from the police department about why the officer shot him. Numerous African American civil rights groups are offering their support to the family. Thompson knows that she can’t bring her grandson back, but she wants something done because her family is in pain. Her daughter lost a child. Clark’s siblings lost a brother.

The shooting happened on March 18 while Thompson was inside her home watching a video of her granddaughter. She thought that she heard what sounded like gunshots, so she hid in her bedroom while her husband called 911. Thompson knew that Clark was outside the house only a short time before the call was made. When Thompson’s husband talked to an officer, he was told that there were officers in the area looking for someone who had been breaking windows of houses and possibly vehicles. A video released by the police department shows Clark running in the backyard while the officer is ordering him to stop and show him his hands. Officers thought that Clark had a gun, and they started shooting. There were at least 20 cartridges found from the guns used by the officers. When officers approached Clark, they saw that he only had a phone in his hand. Autopsy results are not available. President Trump has been briefed about the incident as well as state officials.


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