Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner’s Business Deals Are Under Investigation


Donald Trump brought his daughter- and Son-in-law to the White House, so he could operate in the usual Trump matter. Trump’s reputation in the business world is less than stellar in terms of being ethically and morally sound. But Kushner and Ivanka might add a new low to the Trump family’s business reputation, according to recent CNN articles. The FBI’s counterintelligence division is investigating her involvement in the negotiations and financing of Vancouver’s Trump International Hotel and Tower.

The investigation may suspend Ivanka’s White House security clearance, according to a CNN report. The complexity and the chaos in the Trump Organization presents a challenge for investigators, but there may be a smoking gun in Ivanka’s role in that particular deal.

The Vancouver hotel didn’t open until February 2017. One of the main attractions of the hotel is Ivanka’s Spa. The Trump Organization doesn’t own the hotel. Trump receives royalties and management fees from the hotel’s owner. Once again, the hotel became a must-have for foreign buyers who wanted to live and work in a Trump Hotel. The Trump Organization made $5 million in royalties and more than $20,000 in management fees in 2017. The flow of foreign money coming into the hotel could one reason for the investigation.

The chief legal officer for the Trump organization said the company’s role in the Vancouver hotel is managing and brand promotion. But Ivanka was a key player in getting the project off the ground in 2013, according to CNN, and the FBI wants to know more about her role and interactions with the Malaysian tycoon Joo Kim Tiah. Tiah got the message before his presentation that Ivanka was the person he had to win over in order to seal the deal.

Meanwhile, Jared Kushner’s family real estate group is getting a lot of attention after the group got more than $500 million in loans to support their debt-ridden ventures. The size of the loan is three times the size of an average property loan, according to the New York Times. The Kushner Group says Kushner’s White House role has nothing to do with the company getting the loans. But it is common knowledge that the 666 Fifth Ave building in New York City that Jared bought for more than $2 billion was pulling the company under before Trump took office and Jared landed in the White House.


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