Officials Investigating Fifth Explosion Near Austin


There have been several explosions in Austin, Texas in recent weeks. A large explosion occurred in the early morning hours of March 20 at a FedEx station in San Antonio. FBI officials and local police officers quickly responded to the scene. One person was injured because of the explosion. However, the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. A worker saw a large box on a conveyor belt at the FedEx station just before it exploded. Officers believe that it could be linked to the other explosions that have impacted the state.

There were no other packages on the belt. No one saw anyone suspicious in the area or any suspicious vehicles. Officers blocked roads soon after the explosion occurred and tried to locate anyone who saw anything out of the ordinary. While there are few details about the design of the package, officers discovered that there were projectiles in the bomb including nails and small pieces of metal. The package was addressed to a location in Austin, which makes officers believe that the same person is responsible for this bomb as with the other ones that have occurred.

The ATF is investigating the incident and working closely with local law enforcement personnel to try to find out who sent the package. Officers are searching the FedEx location to see if there are any other suspicious packages that haven’t exploded or if there are any clues that could let investigators know who sent the package. President Trump has been alerted about the incident. There have been no statements from him as of yet about the explosion. There was another package found at the Austin International Airport after the explosion at the FedEx facility, but authorities have not said whether anything was found in the package that could explode like the other bombs.


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