President Trump Advocates for a Death Sentence for Drug Traffickers


In the course of a rambling speech that lasted for three hours, The President of the United States advocated for a death sentence for those that were found guilty of drug trafficking. The US President also lashed out at journalists and TV anchors, discussed the negotiations for nuclear weapons deal with North Korea and launched the slogan that he would use in his re-election campaign. Trump also mentioned the conservative candidate whom he would endorse. President Trump was speaking outside Pittsburgh to a crowd of supporters. He gave a rare imitation where he acted in a manner that fitted his description of being ‘presidential’ in one of his trademark speeches.

The event was to rally support for Rick Saccone. Saccone is the Republican nominee for Congress who is facing stiff competition from Conor Lamb of the Democratic Party. In that very congressional district, Trump won the 2016 presidential election by over 20 points. President Trump said that Saccone knew a lot of things that were never familiar with other people. He also rammed the Democratic nominee using the slogan “Lamb the Sham.” The President added that Saccone was not only good at his job, but he was handsome too. However, the President took most of the time talking about other diverse topics that affected the social, economic and political landscape of the United States.

The President confirmed reports that he advocated for a death sentence under federal law for trafficking drugs in the US. Trump showered praises on the Chinese criminal justice system. The President said that China dealt with the opium problem by enacting ruthless laws to deal with drug dealers. He went on to say that it was a sad thing that murderers were awarded a harsher treatment as compared to drug dealers. Trump argued that a drug dealer kills between 2000 and 5000 people in his entire lifetime and should be accorded a harsher treatment as compared to the person who goes out there and kills or shoots one person.

The President was also quick to acknowledge how hard it would be for such a law to be enacted in the free world. He noted that he was not sure about how the US justice system would take such a proposal. The speech marked one of the most explicit statements during his tenure at the White House. He praised the decision by the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, who is on the forefront of alleged extrajudicial killings campaign against drug users and traffickers.


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