Talk Fusion Announces Changes in Video Chat


Talk Fusion has been in the news again. Just recently, executives with the company announced that the video marketing enterprise has improved upon its already award-winning product Video Chat. The application has been re-engineered to include mesmerizing video support, superior contact management, custom URLs and permanent chat rooms. On top of that, it now has robust desktop, file and screen sharing, and everything is powered by the innovative WebRTC technology.

WebRTC is the precursor in real-time communications, and it makes the need for third-party plugins obsolete as it consolidates communication while it also increases security measures and improves upon the user’s experience. Talk Fusion is responsible for disrupting current standards in the video communications industry by instituting new features powered by WebRTC. Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page has stated that the app is going to offer users a completely new way of doing things. Besides that, the state-of-the-art-voice-only calling option enhances the audio quality that WebRTC provides for users. The remarkable thing is that this technology is using the most advanced components that the world has to offer, according to Page.

Talk Fusion is handing its customers a tool that makes it possible for them to make audio calls of the highest quality wherever they are to any other place on the planet. In essence, because of Talk Fusion, the world can connect, share and build in a totally different manner.

Mr. Page has stated that the quality of the new product will be seen and heard by every user. He states that the product is influential, but it is also straightforward.

The new product even looks different. Users will see an impressive, instinctive interface on Video Chat that lets them take more of the control and offers them more flexibility than the previous version. The company’s Founder and CEO Bob Reina stated that the new Video Chat adapts itself to the person using the product so that the person doesn’t have to adapt to the product.

Talk Fusion took advantage of its product-testing group known as the “VIP Council” and gave it a sneak peak at the new Video Chat product before it was introduced to the public. The group voiced its enthusiastic approval of the new interface, and users all over the world have done the same.

Talk Fusion is going to continue to challenge the competition to keep up with it as it moves into its second quarter. Talk Fusion’s executives already have plans to expand on its improvements of Video Suite and Video Chat. The company’s Sign-Up Forms, Video Newsletters, Video Email and Live Meetings will be renovated as well.

Mr. Reina remarked that his latest developments are more advanced than anything that the company has created in the past, and he promises that this will not be the end of this trend. Talk Fusion has always been a company that encourages innovation and embarks on improving itself at full speed, so it isn’t surprising that Talk Fusion has radically upgraded its products. Bob Reina wants to be someone who defies the current situation. That’s the reason that he is at the forefront of cultivating state-of-the-art processes that lead us toward worldwide communications that are better for us and unite us.

Talk Fusion’s Award-Winning Products

Talk Fusion provides the world with something that everybody needs. The founder of Talk Fusion discovered this personally when he thought that he was going to send a video through his email account.

Headshot of Bob Reina
Bob Reina

Bob Reina took a video of a house that he was thinking of purchasing, so he went to his email account and attempted to upload the video, but AOL informed him that this would be impossible. At the time, Bob Reina was an entrepreneur, and he believed that it could be possible to send a video in an email message, so he set out to collaborate with the people who helped him build a company that would offer the world video in email. The company is called “Talk Fusion.”

In the beginning, Talk Fusion’s only product was Video Email. This product allows users to create emails based on their own personal preferences. They can choose to create an email for personal, business or charity, and they have more than 1,000 templates to choose from for creating their personalized messages. These templates also come in several different languages.

How the email will appear will be completely up to the user. For example, people can choose from several different colors to create an email that would look much more dynamic than the ordinary black-and-white emails that everyone else is sending.

Users do not have to be experts at filming video because the website has several pre-made videos that they can use. Since some people enjoy creating their own videos, Video Email allows them to upload a video from their library, phones or tablets. Then, after the emails are sent, they will be able to access the reports that will tell them who has opened their emails, which links were clicked and whether or not the receiver forwarded it.

Video Email was the first product, but Talk Fusion has expanded to include “Video Suite.” With this product, users receive all of the wonderful features under Video Email, but they will also have the ability to create their own newsletters with “Video Newsletters.” This product allows the user to personalize a newsletter like they can personalize their emails. For example, they can add all of the text that they need to add as well as photographs. They can even choose their own color schemes and fonts to make the newsletter appear as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Video Suite also contains “Live Meetings,” and users can create potent global presentations with this product. The user will even be able to show PowerPoint slides and video and conduct a live chat session. They can show their guests their desktops and any files that they wish them to see. Up to 500 people will be able to attend these meetings.

This next product makes Skype and FaceTime unnecessary because Video Suite’s “Video Chat” can work on every device known to mankind, and it has already won awards! Video Chat lets them open up a chat with their customers, friends or family members on their smartphones, tablets or personal computers.

Sign-Up Forms make it easy to build an email list. Like with all the other products, users can create their own sign-up forms, but they also have a myriad of sign-up templates on file waiting to be selected.


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