TripAdvisor Released List Of Top Tourist Draws In 50 US States


The travel agency TripAdvisor recently unveiled the top tourist destinations in all 50 US states. Analysts at TripAdvisor say they scoured through data on the website’s booking portal to discover what travelers were most likely to visit in each state.

There were only six states that didn’t have as much booking information to determine the top tourist draw. For these states – which included names like Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Mississippi – TripAdvisor searched for the one tourist attraction that received the most positive reviews on its site.

Authors of this report say cultural experiences dominated this year’s list. In addition to the common stops at iconic landmarks, travelers seem to be more interested in learning the unique history of each state on specialized tours.

Below, we’ll list just a few of the biggest findings in TripAdvisor’s report.

Let’s start with perhaps the most touristy state in the USA: Hawaii. Researchers found that most people visiting the Hawaiian Islands schedule a tour around the Molokini Crater off the island of Maui. While this isn’t the most surprising find in this study, it’s interesting Hawaii’s top destination isn’t on the more popular islands of O’ahu or Hawaiʻi.

After Hawaii, one of the most frequently visited states in the USA is probably Florida. If you thought Disney World would come on top, then you’re wrong. In fact, the top draw wasn’t even in Orlando. Believe it or not, the number one excursion people are booking in the Sunshine State is a speedboat tour of Miami!

Moving now to the West Coast, one of the most fascinating finds in this survey was California’s top draw: the USS Midway Museum. That’s right, more tourists are interested in booking a trip to this San Diego maritime museum than Hollywood, Disneyland, or the Golden Gate Bridge.

There weren’t that many surprises in the East Coast’s major tourist states. New York’s top draw is a visit to the Empire State Building, Rhode Island’s is a tour of Newport’s mansions, and Massachusetts’s is a ride on Boston’s historic trolley tour.

People visiting the East Coast also place a high priority on visiting New England’s iconic lighthouses and harbors. The number one booked tour in Maine is of historic Portland, and visitors to nearby Connecticut stayed near Mystic Seaport.

For people interested in seeing the most popular zoos in America, consider booking a trip to either Kansas’s Safari Zoological Park or Ohio’s Cincinnati Zoo in the near future. According to TripAdvisor’s data, these are the two most popular zoos in the nation.

Anyone can find a full list of TripAdvisor’s new survey in the latest edition of MONEY magazine.


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