Young Girl Dies Because Of Video Game Dispute With Brother


At times, children might fight and disagree over toys in the home. Unfortunately, this fighting can turn violent as demonstrated when a young girl died after her brother shot her in the family’s home because of a video game controller. The family lives in Mississippi. The siblings were playing a game when the girl wouldn’t give her brother a controller so that he could play a game as well. That’s when he got a gun and shot her in her head.

The young girl was only 13, and her brother is 9 years old. Officers quickly responded to the home after receiving a call about the shooting. When they arrived, they saw that the girl had been shot in the back of the head. The bullet appeared to have gone right through her brain. She was taken to a local hospital, but she later died. Officers are investigating to determine where the gun was located in the home and how the boy gained access to it so quickly. The parents could face possible charges if it’s found that they did not properly secure the weapon in the home. The young boy could also be charged in some way after the investigation is complete.

Officers understand that the boy is young and that he might not have understood exactly what he was doing and the damage that a gun could cause. The names of the family members are not being released. Officers are trying to talk to the boy to find out what he knew about guns and to find out exactly why he shot his sister or if it was simply an accident because he was following what he saw on a video game. Everyone involved wants to process the situation to the best of their abilities while respecting the family before any immediate charges are filed.


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