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There are a wide range of rewarding job opportunities in the financial industry—corporate finance, financial planning, economic commentary and analysis, just to name a few. When you’re searching for a job or career in finance, you want to think about your own needs. Is this a long-term career choice, or simply a stepping stone to bigger and better things?

There are also many different companies you could work for—from global cooperation to local institutions. Before applying for a job at any given company, do your research first. It’s important to consider the mission of the company and whether it aligns with your values and ideals. You also want to understand the company culture to make sure the job is right for you. That’s why we’re compiling the information you need to know when looking for your next career in finance.

In this post, we are putting the spotlight on Agora Financial. Agora is actively seeking creative, innovative, entrepreneurial people to join their team.


The Company


Baltimore-based Agora Financial provides independent economic analysis, commentary, and education both online and in print. The company is a leading innovator in the financial advice industry around the globe. They produce videos, online seminars, conference calls and more on a myriad of topics involving finance and economics. They also have international publications in France, The UK, and Australia.

Agora provides unbiased market commentary and news through free and paid publications. Agora Financial is 100% independent—their editors never accept money from companies or investors in exchange for coverage. Editors at Agora provide sound finical analysis and bold economic predictions. Their insights have been recognized in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, Fox Business News, Reuters, Bloomberg, U.S. News & World Report, Financial Times, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, RT, Los Angeles Times, The Daily Telegraph and many more.

The History


While Agora Financial became an independent LLC in 2004, their roots trace to three groundbreaking financial publications: Strategic Investment in 1984, Plague of the Black Debt in 1992, and The Daily Reckoning in1999. The latter being one of the first free daily financial e-letters that still exists today.

Agora Financial is a subsidiary of publishing network The Agora, Inc. which is a collection of more than 20 of the world’s most innovative privately owned media companies. According to the company website, Agora “is synonymous with icons of the alternative press, and masters of direct marketing. The Agora, as the group is now known, is a community for companies that were all born of the same vision and philosophy – companies that celebrate the virtue of thinking independently and taking individual responsibility for your health, wealth, and future.” The vision and philosophy of the parent company translate to Agora Financial’s fierce media independence. Making this an ideal work environment for those who enjoy new ideas, critical thinking, and creativity.

The Team


The executive publisher at Agora Financial is Addison Wiggin, a New York Times best-selling author and the driving force behind the critically acclaimed documentary film I.O.U.S.A. The writers and editors at Agora Financial pride themselves on beating mainstream media to top stories. Agora predicts pending financial trouble before it happened, such as the tech bubble, the housing bubble, the credit bubble, the pending collapse of Lehman Bros., and the bankruptcy of American Airlines well before they happened. Agora Financial’s website states: “our editorial team continues to challenge traditional publishing outlets by offering irreverent, insightful commentary where others fear to tread.”

The Location


The primary headquarters for Agora Financial is at 808 St. Paul St. in Historic Mount Vernon, Baltimore, Maryland. The parent company, The Agora, moved to the Historic Mount Vernon district in 1994. Since then the operations have spread to over a dozen area buildings, including several converted mansions. The Agora has added modern functionality to these buildings while maintaining their historic opulence and charm. 808 St. Paul St. was originally two separate homes built in the 1850s. The homes were later joined in the 1920s to become the temple of the Order of the Sons of Italy in America. Among the many upgrades, Agora added to the building are a recording studio and a library featuring a collection of books that once belonged to economist Dr. Kurt Richebächer.

The Culture


Agora describes their pet-friendly offices as having “a vibrant, start-up like feel” where they strive to create a unique corporate culture. They seek intelligent, open-minded, entrepreneurial people and providing them with a fertile environment for growth. “Everyone on staff is encouraged to aggressively explore new avenues, fail often and fail fast. It’s in the DNA of our business. In our hallways you hear employees openly embracing failures and discussing the lessons learned,” a statement on their website says. By putting a premium on innovation and calculated risk-taking, Agora Financial fosters individual thinking and encourages their staff to “Reject the Default” (a phrase they even printed on t-shirts).

The company favors a flattened management structure. They see next great idea or business breakthrough come from anywhere in the company. They strive to provide the tools and environment to spark creativity and new ideas. “We are always searching for entrepreneurial-minded individuals with fresh ideas and unique perspectives,” their website states. This makes it a great company for creative problem solvers and independent free thinkers in the financial industry.

The Awards


Agora financial seems to be a great place to work based on the workplace awards the company has received. The Baltimore Sun releases an annual list of Top Workplaces Rankings based on a confidential employee survey. The newspaper lauded Agora Financial with the honor in 2016 and again in 2017. Parent company The Agora has also been included in the Baltimore Sun’s Top Workplaces Rankings.

Likewise, Baltimore Business Journal has recognized Agora Financial as a finalist in their Best Places to Work awards for 2016. The Baltimore Business Journal teamed up with Quantum Workplace to select finalists and winning companies through a months-long nomination and survey process. As an independent agency, Quantum ranked each company with a numerical score based on their survey results.

The Reviews


Of course, we want to let the employees speak for themselves. As of the writing of this article, Agora Financial has an average 4.2 out of 5 stars ranking on job websites Glass Door and Indeed. The employee reviews on these sites list pros such as employee motivation, room to transfer, supportive environment, company events, and great management. On the flip side, some cons were things like long hours, fast pace, and a bit stressful at times. Overall, the reviews show the pros outweighing the cons with ample praise for the supportive management and positive company culture.

and for more information on Agora Financial follow them on their YouTube channel and Vimeo channel.

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