Homeless Man Falls Ill After Eating Toothpaste Cookies


While homeless people usually don’t know where they will get their next meal, they don’t expect to be treated as people who are of a lesser quality than the rest of the country. A YouTuber recently stood in front of a judge about an act that he committed when he met a homeless person. He now faces up to two years in prison after posting a video of himself giving some of these people Oreo cookies filled with toothpaste instead of cream. The young man bragged that the toothpaste might help the man get clean since he lives on the street.

Viewers know Kanghua Ren as ReSet. He has over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Many of his subscribers watched as he filled the cookies and gave them to a homeless man that he saw in town. He put the cookies in the original package before giving them to a 52-year-old man in January. The man ate the cookies, unaware right away that there was something wrong. The YouTuber admitted that he might have taken things a bit far with the toothpaste, but he looked at it as helping the man clean his teeth and making his breath smell better.

The video has been seen thousands of times with numerous comments from those viewers. Prosecutors in Barcelona, the city where the incident took place, are seeking jail time for the young man and charges of a crime against moral integrity. He would also be ordered to pay the man a sum of money that has yet to be determined if he is convicted. The homeless man became sick after eating the cookies because there was so much toothpaste in them. ReSet went back the next day to talk to the man to find out how he liked the cookies. When ReSet and a friend wanted to film spending the night with the man, someone contacted local police. ReSet was taken to jail but is out on bond until he goes to court.


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