Syrian Fighters Backed by the US Capture terrorists Linked to 9/11


The Syrian Democratic Forces which receive logistical and financial support from the United States has captured a man who is assessed by the US to be Mohammed Haydar Zammar. Zammar is a Syrian national of German descent who has been linked to the 9/11 attacks on American soil. Eric Pahon who serves as the spokesperson for the Pentagon said that the Defense Department can now confirm that Mohammad Haydar Zammar was captured barely a month ago. Zammar was captured in an ongoing operation carried out by the SDF and American troops to defeat ISIS.

Pahon added that the terrorist was captured during an operation that was carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces unilaterally. He added that the US government was working closely with their partners in the SDF to get additional details of the operation and capture. The US government has stated that the capture of Zammar is a strong reminder of the threat that ISIS poses to the United States and her allies. However, Mostafa Bari who serves as the spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces and Nouri Mahmoud who is the Peoples Protection Unit (YPG) spokesperson refused to comment on the capture when tasked to do so by both local and international media.

The US intelligence community believes that Zammar was the person who recruited the perpetrators of the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. These include Mostafa Bari who hijacked one of the planes that crashed on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. A report released by the American government through the 9/11 Commission said that Zammar took credit for exerting influence on the Hamburg group which had Atta as one of its members. Zammar was in December 2001 arrested in Morocco after which he was sent to Syria. In Syria, he was convicted of crimes of being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Zammar would later be released from jail after the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011. The head of the US Central Command, General Joseph Votel told the US Congress that the SDF troops are currently holding more than 400 terrorists in their cells who are not Syrian nationals. Votel told Congress last month that they were working with their partners inside the Syrian government to extradite the foreign terrorists to their countries where they would face justice. Gen. Votel added that the United States was working to improve the capacity of the SDF so they can securely detain the foreign terrorists who are seen as a threat to global peace and security.


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