Walmart Sets Out To Be The One Stop Shop


Walmart is often known as the store where you can get everything that you need in one shopping trip. The company has seen a decline in sales in brick and mortar stores, so it recently partnered with Humana to try to bring more people back inside. The vision of Walmart is to offer customers a place where they can get basic healthcare and supplies while they do their shopping as a way to increase sales. When customers get the healthcare supplies that they need, including prescription medications, the company wants customers to feel welcome and invited to shop for groceries, clothing, electronics and more.

Healthcare services offered in the future will be affordable. Medications will be more affordable than what they are now. There are talks of Walmart taking over Humana, but representatives have not been reached to address the merger. Walmart hopes to bring the people who use Humana’s services into the store, increasing sales for both companies. With Walmart now working with Humana, the company could begin to compete with Amazon, CVS and other companies that offer the same types of services. Walmart also looks to jump ahead of warehouse stores and larger retail businesses that offer healthcare services to customers as well.

There are pharmacies in most Walmart stores as well as discounted medications whether they are prescriptions or over-the-counter products. One group that the merger between Humana and Walmart could benefit the most is the elderly population. They will be able to fulfill some of their healthcare needs as well as basic shopping in one place, which would mean that they don’t have to travel from one store to another. Humana and Walmart understand that once shoppers see that they can get healthcare at the same place where they do their overall shopping, then it will likely increase revenues for both companies instead of only the retail giant.


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