Female Candidates Dominate In Tuesday Democratic Primaries


Democratic female candidates were dominant in primaries held throughout the South on Tuesday May 22nd, 2018. It was yet another sign of an emerging trend for this year’s elections. It appears that the electorate is particularly lit up about electing female candidates in the wake of the “#MeToo” era.

Centrist candidates or those with establishment ties have not done nearly as well in primaries. Instead, the electorate seems to want to have the chance to put people into office who are the polar opposite of President Donald Trump. The hope of those who are electing these individuals is that there will be some kind of check on the power of the President when they put up such candidates. It is a gamble that those who are electing these candidates are willing to take.

Progressive candidate Stacey Abrams won over her more establishment rival Stacey Evans in the Democratic primary for Governor of Georgia says CNN. This was a historic moment as it was the first time in the history of the entire nation that an African-American woman has ever received the nomination from either major party for the office of Governor. She won the nomination with nearly three-fourths of the votes cast in the primary.

Amy McGrath was the winner of a primary election for the Democrats in Kentucky. She is new to the political scene but is a former Marine fighter pilot. She is seeking to unseat the Republican incumbent in the sixth district in Kentucky.

Other women won up and down the ballot in primaries in Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Arkansas. It was the continuation of a theme that has been seen for much of this cycle. It should be noted that there are more female candidates for the House of Representatives than ever in history. Those candidates are getting through their primaries by and large. Thus, there is ever chance in the world that the new Congress that we elect later this year will have more women in it than at any point in history. That is the hope of many at least.

Right now it is important to keep an eye towards the general election to try to see how these larger trends might work themselves out. There are still a lot of question marks as to how well certain candidates will do when facing the entire electorate rather than just those from their own party.


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