The Oxford Club on The World’s Greatest Wealth Creator and Its Critics


Since 1989, The Oxford Club has brought together successful investors and entrepreneurs to sustain and grow its members wealth. The organization, which currently has over 90,000 members in 131 countries, researches hundreds of investment opportunities to determine the best portfolio strategies to beat the market while also being tax-friendly.


Anyone can join the club and become a Premier Member by signing up for a paid newsletter or service, and gain access to the wealth of information and investment strategies provided by its members. The Director’s Circle membership level comes with a one-time fee for a lifetime membership, while the Chairman’s Circle membership is made up of an elite group of the club’s most active members and gain access to a portal specifically designed for them.


Alexander Green is the Chief Investment Strategist at The Oxford Club, and his Oxford Communique newsletter was ranked as one of the top performing investment newsletters in the country for the past 15 years.


Alexander expounds on the fact that human beings and the world is currently better off, as seen in all measurable indicators, now than it ever has been in the history of the world. Everything from human lifespans to standards of living to violent crime are better than ever before. However, the media portrays a world which is scary and breeds anxiety and ignorance, but if you can see through this fear you will become a much better investor for it.


Corporations that stem from our capitalist system are providing us with everything we could ever want or need, from the cars we drive to the medicine we need when we are ill, and even the fun technological innovations that provide us entertainment like our computers and mobile devices.


This is why The Oxford Club believes not only in the power of corporations to provide increasing wealth for investors, but their ability to build a better, stronger world. Members benefit from a worldwide network of investors looking to provide each other with investment advice and support, as well as attend gatherings around the world where members share their ideas while enjoying time at luxury destinations. Additionally, the club’s archives are filled with an abundance of resources and investment strategies to learn from, and regular newsletters and postings keep members up-to-date on current economic and financial news and strategies.


Contrarily, many young people have anti-business sentiment, and don’t invest in equities as a result, losing out on one of the best performing investment vehicles in existence. These people claim to ideologically disagree with corporations, and according to a survey from the New York Times, more than half of 18-29 year olds do not even support capitalism.


A majority of these young people cite free college tuition and healthcare as reasons to support other economic models such as socialism, which is why 33% of those surveyed supported this form of government and 16% even identified as socialists themselves. What they don’t take into account are the effects these systems have on economies and countries around the world utilizing them. All they would have to do is look to countries like Venezuela to see the problems state-sponsored socialism bring about.


Arguments against the use of fossil fuels, which effectively provide energy to billions, state we are losing supply and hurting the environment. Yet these claims don’t account for new technological advancements that are increasing oil supplies through new technological methods of extraction, as well as nature conservation and emission control methods that are actually decarbonizing the atmosphere.


According to Harvard professor Steven Pinker, all but two of 180 countries have shown improvement in the Environmental Performance Index, compiling statistics of air quality, water, forests, fisheries, and more. This has turned conventional thought of smaller populations and growth for environmental protection on its head, as the wealthiest countries have the cleanest environments, and as poor countries become wealthier they are, in turn, becoming cleaner as well.


The Oxford Club continues to believe in the institution of the corporation and the innovation it provides to all of humankind. The club utilizes the expertise of investment professionals and strategists to provide its members the best tools and resources to investing their capital into companies that are bringing new and better technology to the world.


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