As Businesses Continue to Switch to MFA, OneLogin Breaks Down the Essential Benefits


When it comes to keeping your information on your cloud-based computing system safe from attacks and hackers, there are several things that business and company can do to help boost safety and security. One of the biggest things is a multifactor authentication process, also known as MFA. However, many people do not see the need for MFA in their business. Fortunately, there is much you can learn as you decide whether or not multifactor authentication is the right step for your cloud-computing security. In this article, we will look a little deeper at the benefits of MFA and why OneLogin is the way to go.



What is MFA?



Multifactor authentication, also known as MFA, is a useful tool that helps keep things on the cloud-computing system safer than just a simple passcode. Essentially, MFA requires two or more forms of authentication before allowing a user onto the system. If you have ever logged onto your online banking and been required to put in your passcode and your security question, then you’ve used MFA before. Not many people are aware of this authentication process, but they should be.



MFA is a way to protect better information put on the cloud-based computing systems in various places like hospitals, offices, and more. Anything with sensitive information that does not need to be found by hackers should be secured by MFA in some form. Many people don’t understand why MFA is useful in the workplace, but that needs to be addressed and changed.



Why Does a Company Need It?



It should come as no surprise that as the technological age rises, so does the risk of identity theft and another robbery of personal information stored on the web. Many companies are experiencing high-profile breaches, and the incident number just keep rising higher and higher each month. However, many companies are not taking action to protect themselves against these threats of attack by unseen forces.



Luckily, many companies are taking action and employing the use of multifactor authentication to help keep their information secure. This method is helping keep those that are trying to break into the company’s sensitive information from getting to it so easily. The multifactor option requires more than one form of sign-in to gain access to the information. The MFA also blocks users from changing passwords or account information without first using the multifactor authentication process. It is easy to see how this can benefit companies. It keeps their information private and more secure than with a simple password alone, even if the password is only numbers and symbols.



OneLogin as an MFA Option



One problem that companies get into when trying to find the right MFA company to use is the ability to trust them and give them the things they need for security. OneLogin is a company that puts the security of the consumers at the top of their priority list.



OneLogin offers all the MFA options like a free password for one-time use, Duo security, the RSA SecurID, and more. The OneLogin Protect bundle is a free option for individuals and companies that want more than one option to get to their private information. The experience provided by OneLogin is second-to-none. They do not provide a time-based code to enter. Consumers who use OneLogin just have to press a button to be signed in automatically, but it still has that multifactor authentication process that is needed to keep things safe from hackers.

Not only do them employ passwords for security, but OneLogin also offers SMS authentication as well as security questions. With these two options, you can always choose the one that is right for you. OneLogin is offered on mobile and desktop since they have secured applications for both. OneLogin also works alongside other companies with third-party authentication factors like Yubico, Duo, and RSA. You can get online right not to try a demo or get a free trial. If you want to jump right in, you can contact the company for more information.



In Conclusion



When it comes to security and your business, you don’t want to skimp. That is why many people are starting to shift to multifactor authentication companies like OneLogin to give them security for their private information and peace of mind as they continue to use technology for their work.


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