Migrant Ship Aquarius Denied Entry


One Matteo Salvini, the current prime minister and interior minister in Italy, on Monday, refused to give admission to a ship on the country’s docks. The ship ferried over 600 immigrants on board. Their food stores were almost depleted, and this brought about dangerous situations in the European country. The boat Aquarius was denied entry to South Italy waters. This move saw the immigrants and the rescue crew stranded in between the waters of Malta, and Sicily. Italy’s move to block the entry gained some international attention, especially the ones with European Union membership.

Malta came up, and other neighboring countries also supported this move to refuse admission of the Aquarius. On Monday afternoon Italian time, the rescue team complained that their food supplies were getting depleted by the day. Spain offered them a safe port in Valencia. They were grateful though the problem was that it was 1,300 km, a three-day cruise. They, however, had no option. The reason behind the denial of entry is that there has been an influx of immigrants in the European countries in the recent past. Matteo’s campaign against immigration worked in that situation. He continued to post on his twitter account that Spain had emerged victorious.

The distance proved hectic, as there were health and safety hazards. Pregnant women, children, and injured people posed the highest risks in the ship. Such challenges made the rescue mission nearly impossible. The SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was responsible for navigating the ship to Valencia. Mr. Salvini teamed up with half of his league and made a coalition forming a government with the Five Star Movement just a week ago. Greece too joined the campaign. However, Athens still complained about the rise of immigrant’s population in their ports. Italy is no longer going to bow its head and obey some of the calls from the international community. He added that this time someone was saying no to the humanitarian calls that were not in the best interest of Rome.

Since the beginning of the 2011 Syrian civil war and the Libyan civil war in 2014, immigrants have been seeking asylum in most European countries. So far, over 600,000 immigrants occupy the Italian ports. Such extreme measures led to the initiation of talks by the Italian government and the Libyan authorities. The talks saw the number of refugees reduce by a significant margin. Mr. Salvini claimed that the European countries that cried foul should instead try to resolve Italy’s current immigration crisis.


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