Peru Beats Australia, Crashing them Out of the World Cup Tournament.


The Australian team traveled to Russia to take part in the World Cup with the hope of redeeming themselves. They wanted to make their sporting nation proud. Australia has suffered disappointing times this year. Football in the country is not that famous compared to rugby and Cricket. In fact, the soccer team has over the years been struggling to earn a place in the hearts of the Australian people. The Socceroos’ team will return home industrious and plucky, but a thoroughly beaten team. Even after beating Australia, Peru will also be leaving Russia. They were eliminated during their last two defeats. However, the team will fly back to their country with a win. At least this will be something to make their fans at home to cheer up. The win will also be a form of gratitude to their fans who traveled all the way to Russia to witness them play.

Their fans in Russia showed their solidarity. They made noise chanting songs for the team as it played. They also coloured the stadium with their team’s jerseys. Apart from the yellow jerseys that were won by the Australian fans, Peru fans coloured the stadium with white shirts that had red strips. Peru supporters also filled town squares singing in the past fortnight. They spent very little time in their lobby hotels. Surely the win is a show of thanks to the die-hard fans. The 18th-minute goal from Andre Carrillo who was on loan in Watford last season, and a magnificent strike from Paolo Guerrero who was banned for having abused cocaine dimmed the hopes for the Australians. All their hopes for sneaking to the round of 16 were shattered. Even if they had a victory in the match, they still would not have qualified for the next round.

When the Australians had a faint hope of surviving, they surprisingly started to play with a greater sense of purpose. They began to regain confidence and seemed comfortable with the ball. Many times they disrupted Peru’s long balls and equally all their counter-attacks. The South American team never stopped there, it kept on pressing and mostly left the Australian team clueless. After they were added another goal, the Australian player’s hearts were crashed. They appeared so weary and tired. They seemed to ask when the game was ending. The Australian team tried to find openings to try to recover the two goals but they were never lucky.


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