Toddler Found Safe Thanks To Family Dog


A toddler has been found safe and sound after officers and search crews heard a strange sound coming from a field. Fat Heath, a small Yorkie, stayed with three-year-old Remy Merritt throughout the night until she was found. The pair were discovered in a cornfield in Missouri after her family reported her missing late on a Thursday night. Family members and search crews immediately started looking for the little girl but could not find her. They also noticed that the family dog was missing.

Around 150 people in the small community took part in the search. After 12 hours of searching, rescue dogs started barking. It was the barking that led Fat Heath to bark in response. Searchers managed to hear the tiny barks coming from the dog in a cornfield near Remy’s home. An officer with the Missouri Highway Patrol was among the group that found the little girl after hearing Fat Heath. The dog had been with the little girl all night and didn’t leave her side so that she would be safe.

Family members and others in the search party embraced the little girl and the dog. Fat Heath is now being saluted as a hero for his bravery in keeping his owner alive through the night. The people in the small town know each other, and when something happens to one person, everyone begins to pitch in to help out. A helicopter was dispatched shortly after the report of the missing child was called in and even used infrared technology to try to find Remy. A grid search was conducted early on Friday morning to try to locate the girl in a cornfield near her house, which is where she was found after Fat Heath responded to the barks of the search dogs. Although the pair were bitten by mosquitoes, no other injuries have been reported by officers or family members.


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