Trump and Kim’s Negotiations are Making Good Progress


The United States made a report saying that the discussions planned with North Korea are making progress. The progress was faster than it had earlier been anticipated. The two leaders had scheduled to meet in a summit in Singapore. Preliminary talks between officials from both countries have been going on since the unprecedented meeting of the two heads of State.

White House confirmed that President Trump would hold a one on one meeting with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The meeting was set only to have translators present at the conference. The outcome of the meeting was to determine the fate of North Korea’s nuclear program. The US government said that it would accept nothing less than the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea on the side reported that it would commit to denuclearization. However, they made it clear that the term was open for further interpretation.

What remains unclear is what Pyongyang will demand. According to analysts, this has made the summit more complicated to predict. The night before the long-anticipated day arrived, Kim Jong-un made several tours of city’s sites. The North Korean leader waved at spectators that were so eager to have a glimpse of him. They cheered and chanted as the leader went to visit a high-end hotel.

Vivian Balakrishnan, the Singapore’s Foreign Minister, tweeted a picture that he took with the man himself, Kim Jong-un. The duo was taking a nature walk in the gardens near the Bay Park. President Trump and the Korean leader were staying in different hotels. However, the high-end hotels were not far from each other. Security was tightened across the area.

For long, North Korea has been regarded as a pariah nation. However, the hereditary leader Kim Jong-un is now being treated like a statesman. In the past years, it would be rare to see a North Korean flag flying in any part of Asia. Today Kim Jong-un is running a regime where he can meet and greet very important dignitaries.

The Singapore’s foreign minister met both leaders separately. According to his reports, the two leaders felt confident about the long-awaited meeting. President Trump reported that he was positive about the Tuesday meeting with Kim. He tweeted that it was great to be in Singapore and excitement filled the air. Trump shared a meal with Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s president. He was also offered a birthday cake for his coming birthday.


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