Trump Is Likely To Continue To Talk About NFL Kneeling Protests


It is incredibly likely that the President will continue to make comments about the kneeling protests that some NFL players have been making since Colin Kapernick got it started about two years ago. He was trying to raise the point that African-Americans are not treated as equals in the eyes of the law in the United States. This move outraged some when he was spotted kneeling during the National Anthem on a number of occasions.

Other NFL players have joined in the protests, but polls are suggesting that Americans by and large are not in favor of the protests says FiveThirtyEight. It is important to note that while the polls do show that the American people are not in love with the protests, there are important things to pull out of these polls to better understand them.

The top line was that forty-eight percent of Americans support the new NFL ban on kneeling during the National Anthem, thirty-two percent oppose it, and twenty percent remain undecided or offered no opinion.

It is difficult to say exactly what brings up these kinds of numbers given that there are so many things that cross through the question of the protests. There are questions about how a person feels about President Trump in general. Their opinion of him plays a big role in terms of how they feel about the protests. Additionally, feelings about race and patriotism are very important as well to how a person answers this question. This is all to say that there are a lot of things that are connected in this case.

There is a lot of good reason to believe that Trump will continue to speak about the NFL protests. Not only is there a plurality of Americans who seem to agree with him on this issue, but it is particularly popular with his base of voters. They are the people who brought him to the Promised Land of the White House to begin with, so he is not likely to forget about them in the near future.

All of these facts are important if you care about the state of your country and how the President behaves in that country. You have to think about this when you look at questions such as this one. Expect that the President will continue to make this a big talking point as he travels around the country and speaks about this issue and others.


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