82nd Annual Garden State Cat Show


Cat lovers will soon be gathering for the 82nd Annual Garden State Cat Show. This enormous gathering of felines and their owners is the largest of its kind that is held in New Jersey. This year it is taking place in Edison, New Jersey. The cat show provides cat owners, cat lovers, vendors, veterinarians, as well as volunteers who work with animals from around the state to meet together and share their love of furry creatures.

Purebred cats will be on display. They will engage in competitions, showcase the unique characteristics of their breed, as well as take part in an adopt-a-thon.

As a nonprofit organization, The Garden State Cat Club has been able to support no-kill shelters and programs that allow cats to provide comfort to people in nursing homes. They have been a strong supporter of research into feline health worldwide.

It is more common for dogs to be pedigreed. In fact, it is estimated that approximately one in two dogs in the United States are pedigreed. Conversely, one in 20 cats are pedigreed. There are 39 pedigreed breeds of cats that have been recognized by The Cat Fanciers’ Association. Visitors to the cat show will see most, if not all, of these breeds on display. The cat show provides an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with different breeds of cats.

If looking at adorable, furry creatures puts one in the mood to open their home up to a cat, the cat show will have a number of cats from around the state of New Jersey that will be available for adoption. Cat owners and potential cat owners will be able to have their questions answered by the volunteers who will be in attendance at the show. These volunteers are passionate about cats. They are eager to do all they can to help rescued cats and other cats without a home to find one.

Prior to offering a cat for adoption, the cats are tested and screened for diseases such as feline leukemia, feline AIDS, and common animal diseases. They are also vaccinated against rabies.

The Garden State Cat Show is a tremendous fundraising opportunity. It has helped a number of organizations, including feline welfare groups, raise thousands of dollars that are then used to help stray cats or to research medical conditions that are affecting felines.


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