Financial Advisor Igor Cornelsen Has Some Thoughts on Brazil’s Future

CEO Igor Cornelsen
Igor Cornelsen
A Future That Was Engineered Perfectly

Although several people claim to know about Igor Cornelsen and his life, many would be surprised to learn that this maverick did not originally set out to become an investor. When the Curitiba, Brazil native enrolled in college in 1965, he was aiming for a career as an engineer. However, it turned out that fate would have other things in store for him. After passing extremely rigorous admissions standards in order to get placed as a student at the Federal University of Parana, which was a highly selective school, Cornelsen’s interest in economics was piqued. As a result, he began to take some economics classes. It wasn’t long before he saw a future that was different than he had originally pictured.


An Auspicious Beginning: Work at an Investment Bank

Before computers were able to generate compound interest figures at the tap of a button, it was up to the engineers who worked at banks. And Igor Cornelsen was one of these many people, churning out numbers and making connections in the industry. But it wasn’t too long before Rio de Janeiro was calling. After taking this bold step, he skyrocketed to the top of the industry. A position at Multibanco would lead to a highly coveted spot on the board of directors. It wasn’t long before he became CEO.

Igor Cornelsen’s Company Bainbridge Group
Tackling Inflation and Other Challenges

After making a move to Unibanco, Cornelsen found himself in the position of having to make sense out of an economy that was plagued by inflation and investor jitters. Still, he managed to rise to the top of his industry and eventually found himself at a London Merchant Bank. Suddenly, he realized that he was at an exciting new precipice in his career. Being paid in United States currency changed the game for Cornelsen, who saw a wealth of opportunities open up in his world.

A stint at the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank served to broaden his perspective even more, paving the way for more success. As the years went by, the Brazilian investor was becoming more and more adept at figuring out how markets moved—and how to increase a favorable future for himself, as well as those on whose behalf he invested.


Cornelsen Sets Out on His Own

Of course, as with any high-profile investment banker, a need arose for Cornelsen to create something of his own. After serving and consulting with banks for so long, he had built up an overwhelming amount of knowledge and expertise. And the way to make the most out of that knowledge was to build something new and extraordinary. Over two decades ago, he created his own firm—and he hasn’t looked back. Finding that he was able to become fulfilled by having a hand in the day-to-day operations of his fund, he excelled as an investment manager.


When Hard Work Creates Opportunity

Because he has been working in the investment space since 1971, Cornelsen has built up an exquisitely rare skill set. His habits are those of someone who has been on a world clock for almost the past five decades. Early to bed and early to rise, he is in the office as soon as the markets open in Europe. It is this extraordinary dedication that sets Cornelsen apart from his competitors. However, it’s certainly not his only strategy. After all, it takes a lot of energy and efficiency to consistently stay at the top of this game. Using multi-pronged tactics to make the most out of his gifts, this savvy Brazilian investor is adept at adapting to the times and making things happen.


Another aspect that defines Cornelsen is his willingness to listen to others. Although many big-time investors are reticent to lend an ear to others, this maven is truly magnificent at hearing others out. His ability to sift through the facts and create workable hypotheses is part of his magic. Also, he never stops studying. Believing that the work of an investor is never done, Cornelsen has always been a thorough researcher. With an eye on the long game, he carefully takes note of international stories and applies the world’s geopolitical situation to his thought process. After all, especially in today’s climate, circumstances can change in an instant. Smart investors know where to look and how to study the world.


Not a Fan of Ideology

Cornelsen firmly believes that markets can sometimes get caught up in the whims of ideological struggles and points of view—and he thinks that this is a grave error. In this case, it is his ability to extract himself—and his personal biases—from the situation that makes him an invaluable asset for investors. By venturing into situations with a completely open mind and keeping his eye on just the facts, he truly maintains a leg up on other investment managers who tend to lead with a more emotional bent. As his engineering background exhibits, Cornelsen is a real numbers guy. And in a business like this, the ability to separate oneself from the circumstances and get a read on the situation is key.

Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

Sometimes Putting on Blinders Can Be a Good Thing

This bombastic Brazilian believes that investors are often too eager to listen to the opinions of market analysts and others who maybe don’t know exactly what they are talking about. In fact, Cornelsen’s advice to younger investors is to carefully go over the material yourself. This is the only way to truly understand the market in which one invests. In Cornelsen’s opinion, marching to the beat of your own drum can be a distinct advantage when it comes to investing.

Don’t just pay attention to the emotional moves being made in the market.  You’re not going to survive very long in the market when that’s the case. Investors are all copying one another and markets are moving based upon the strangest factors. Sometimes it’s important to separate yourself from the pack and heed your own counsel.


Keep an Eye on What’s Depreciating

While other investors focus solely on what’s flourishing and thriving in the market, Cornelsen keeps an eye on what’s depreciating currently.  He also focuses on what he thinks could possibly depreciate within the next few months or years. This is where his fastidious attention to national and international economies can make a world of difference. Igor is an expert at pulling money out of ventures years before others realize that they are about to crash. Investing is a game of figuring out savvy risks versus ones that won’t pay off.  But it’s easy to see why this sharp Brazilian investor has risen to the top of his game.  He’s also managed to stay there for a long time. While others are fretting about issues that won’t factor into the world economy and focusing about matters that won’t impact any stock markets, Cornelsen is quietly operating in the background.


Choose Your News Sources Wisely

As Cornelsen has noted, several news outlets are not reliable when it comes to reporting just the straight facts. When young investors are looking to get important information that may impact their decisions down the line, they cannot just trust any news organization. Instead, Cornelsen recommends Reuters. Reporting just the facts, this is an agency that will not fail those who are seeking out unbiased news. Especially in today’s climate, the news can be colored by a specific organization’s political bent.

Cornelsen counsels against getting swept up in the madness; when it comes to finding out the facts you need, you must be uncompromising about pursuing the whole, unvarnished truth. Once this is available to you, you can begin making decisions about the futures of certain companies. Even the prospective outlook for a whole host of nations. In a world full of investors who are all too willing to allow themselves to be submerged by the political climate, one who does not fall prey to such tricks will stand out.  They are also likely to be handsomely rewarded for their work.

igor cornelsen golfing
Igor on the Green
A Balancing Act

These days, Cornelsen lives in South Florida and keeps up on his golf game. He also consults with a diverse array of businesses who seek out his savvy tips and strategies. Cornelsen also recognizes the responsibility of taking charge of others’ funds, because of his passion for investment. He doesn’t take the responsibility lightly, which is why he strives to continue his self improvement on a daily basis. Cornelsen is a thoroughly modern investor with a wide range of experiences and education.

When people, countries and companies want to get serious about their goals, they come to Cornelsen for help. His impressive background and qualifications are enough to dazzle anyone. Plus Igor is more than willing to share his special strategies with those who will benefit from them. As an investor and as a person, Cornelsen truly shines in the investment sector.


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