Amazon May Help People Eat Better And Get Healthier


There is big news for Amazon making its way into headlines currently ever since the giant company decided to take over PillPack. The company, along with other large employers, are working together to try and start tackling some of the rising costs of healthcare. One such option that Amazon is trying to pursue is to help their customers find easier ways to eat healthy.

Unhealthy Culture

Statistics show that almost one out of every three Americans are either overweight or obese. Much of this is due to the fact that it is not always easy or affordable to buy healthy and nutritious food for yourself and your family. Employers of this unhealthy generation are also starting to really feel the burden of unhealthy workers. Many companies are having trouble keeping up with healthcare costs for their employees.

Amazon “Primed” For Helping

Many experts think that Amazon is in the best position they have seen to help people fighting to get healthy but have limited options when it comes to affording or finding healthy food options. Amazon had acquired Whole Foods just a year ago and are already working towards lowering the cost of the fresh produce in their stores. They also have a lot of good relationships with their customers through their Prime memberships. This will begin to increase business for customers interested in healthier diets.

Deals In The Works

Amazon could potentially make deals with employers, health insurance companies and healthcare providers in order to try and subsidize healthy food options. Geisinger, a health system, is already working towards this initiative for their patients. They are also working at researching how offering low-cost or free healthy food options to people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and are low income will be effected.

The best path that Amazon may take could be trying to gain new customers through incentives when they purchase and eat healthy food through the company. This move could still include product placement and advertising to help ramp up their revenue.

Employer’s Perspective

From the perspective of most employers, food is the main thing that all of their workers will need to think about on a daily basis. Purchasing food, especially healthy options, is something that most workers will have to think about and purchase on a regular basis for themselves and their families. Amazon is set up with the ability to meet the needs of one of the most important things that impacts people on a daily basis.


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