Caledonia’s Fight for Independence


Caledonia is pushing for a motion to make it an independent country. France has been in control of the nation’s government and economic resources. The leader of the country’s independence coalition filed the referendum, and it is to be reviewed in November. Claims of the independence were unquestionable, and it was a matter of dignity, said Daniel Goa. Goa is the spokesperson for the Independence movement. The name of the movement is the Fronte de Liberation Nationale Kanak et Socialiste (FLNKS). At the Lowy Institute in Sidney, Goa added that for the Caledonians, it is a matter of time and that they will soon get their independence from France.

Also, he claimed that the time in Oceania is in a different time zone from France and the entire European Union as a whole. The ongoing referendum will be delegated on November 4. The pioneers of this campaign will have to ask long-term residents of Pacific island as to whether they want to be independent. At the summit, Daniel added that the date would be of national importance and of historical importance to the people of Kanak. The independence of Caledonia will end a reign of 164 years by France. If the mission is successful, the name of the country will change to Kanaky Nouvelle-Caledonie. The name means Kanak New Caledonia. New suggestions have it that they will adopt a new flag that will replace the French flag.

The new country will be seeking international recognition by joining the United Nations. The independence saga came about when ethnic lines were disrupted. The Kanaks were in favour while the Europeans opposed the referendum. In a poll conducted in May, results showed that the no vote would win. However, a large number of people had not taken the survey. He continued to mention the importance of the day, claiming that for every Kanak, fighting for freedom should be the primary objective. On past occasions, a violent protest ensued in New Caledonia in the 1980s. It resulted in the death of 21 people and a few others injured.

Nevertheless, if the referendum is rejected, the delegates of Caledonia will get two more chances. One in 2020, and the other one in 2023. The current FLNKS would like to disassemble the economic framework as it was based on exploitation. It was named the French system by Goa. The citizens wish to gain control of their natural resources together with other amenities that are currently under French multinational companies.


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