Ever Banega, the Maestro Who Makes Lionel Messi shine


You wonder how the play would be when the playful and hardworking Ever Banega was signed to Everton in 2009 by David Moyes. The deal to sign the Argentine was close to happening but it didn’t. Many people could remember this period. Everton fans were not keeping it calm. A work permit was already prepared for him. Valencia was ready to offload him from the team. With Mikel Arteta injured, Moyes needed to replace the injured player with Banega. He had to find the missing puzzle.

However, the plan never worked. By then, Ever Banega was only 21 years, and wanted to work hard so that he could earn his place back in the Valencia team. Banega was also overwhelmed to play alongside players like Leon Osman and Phil Neville. Ever Banega had to deeply dig his heels so that he could bring glory to the Spanish side, Valencia.
The player was also reported to have revealed that he had a lot to learn and prove in Spain. There was no way he was leaving Valencia. He even told his friend that he was only accepting to leave Valencia in a box. To speak the truth, the Argentine was never ready to join the Premier League. Also, it could have been the opposite. The premier league wasn’t prepared for him. Ever Banega is a sublime of top-class quality. He has brilliant passes, immaculate sense of control, and full of light touches. It would be fair to say that he is a complete article.

Valencia wanted to offload the player maybe because of his drinking and his frequent partying in town and turning up for meetings while half asleep. The player was also severally pulled over by the police for misconduct, especially drunk-driving. However, over the years, Ever Banega has proved himself. He never wanted to be among the wasted talents. Ever was also left out of the world cup for the second time in succession. Lionel Messi, a world-class player, had recommended Ever Banega to join the Newell’s so that he could revive his passion and love for the game. This way he could improve his chances to join the national team. Angel Di Maria also assisted Banega. He even cried to see Banega wasting his talent. Messi and Maria knew Banega was super talented and he was a brilliant midfielder who was able to build up plays.


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