Gal Gadot Visits Sick Kids as Wonder Woman


Gal Gadot, who played Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, took some time out from filming her next movie to visit some kids in the hospital, while in costume.

News of this comes as various staff from the Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church, Virgina began to post pictures on Twitter. The trip was apparently unplanned, but seems to have been appreciated.

“Dear @GalGadot- Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my patients and colleagues at #InovaChildrensHospital!” wrote Patty Seo-Mayer. “Next time, can you align your visit with my call schedule? Love, #SuperFan.”

Another staff member, Dr. Lucas Collazo, wrote “You are a true Wonder Woman. The kids loved it…and so did the staff…”

The pictures that you can find online include a group shot of her with all of her fans from the hospital staff, as well as another pair where she holds, and then kisses, a baby girl with a big pink bow headband.

Gadot, a former model and Miss Israel in 2004, began her acting career in 2009’s Fast & Furious, and remained relatively unknown before being cast as the World’s Mightiest Woman for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many fans initially doubted the casting, but she quickly won people over in that film and especially in Wonder Woman, the only unqualified success of the DCEU so far.

That success is why the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, is being fast-tracked. It is currently being shot in Virginia, not far from Inova Children’s Hospital, and is slated for release on November 1, 2019. It is being directed by Patty Jenkins, who also headed the first movie.

While Wonder Woman was set during World War I, this one will fast forward to the 1980s and presumably deal with the Cold War. Beyond that, not much is known about the plot, though we know that the villain (or one of them) will be the Barbara Minerva/the Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig. Chris Pine, who played Wonder Woman’s love interest Steve Trevor in the first film, will also return, though it remains to be seen in what capacity.

Though filming has only recently begun, fans are already eager for more news about the project. Some information will presumably be shared at the upcoming San Diego Wonder Con, which according to some rumors includes an appearance by Gal Gadot herself.


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