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Many wealth advisory companies do not take the time to form connections with their clients and to understand their needs on a very individualized level. HCR Wealth Advisors is one company that actually does. At HCR, clients are the center of the business, and the professionals at HCR prioritize their clients’ needs above everything else.

For this reason, HCR does not get paid to sell various financial products. Instead, it simply earns a fee to help its hundreds of clients to reach theoir financial goals. Further, HCR is very upfront and honest about the fees that it charges to its clients for services rendered. This is because HCR believes that transparency is always the best policy. HCR simply charges one reasonable fee, which is a percentage of total assets managed.

Wealth Advisors vs Money Managers

HCR is a team of wealth advisors, not money managers. There is a major difference between these two types of financial professionals. Wealth advisors take a broader approach, and get to know the clients, their financial situations, their long-term goals, etc. Money managers on the other hand usually simply put client funds into a portfolio and are rewarded based on performance.

With wealth advisors, clients get to receive comprehensive financial planning that does not involve simply dumping money into a pooled investment with other clients. Because HCR is a team of wealth advisors, clients benefit by having in-depth financial planning that provides a path towards greater wealth over years. Many of HCR’s clients stay on board for years or even decades because of the results they get from HCR’s more complete financial planning approach.

A broader approach to financial planning can be extremely helpful, especially given the fact that life events such as divorce, inheritance, retirement, starting a business, selling a business, loss of a loved one, and marriage can all create dramatic change. HCR helps clients develop financial plans which help them get through life changes successfully. HCR works with people of all ages, income levels, and stages of their careers.

Creating Strategies for Success

HCR works with every single individual client to create a plan that is ideal for his or her situation. In order to create an effective financial strategy for clients, HCR uses a 7-step plan. These seven steps are:

  1. Identifying the client’s current assets and creating goals
  2. Determining what the client needs now and will need in years to come
  3. Exploring which investments may work best for the client
  4. Providing a private client portal which permits round-the-clock access to the client’s assets and liabilities, as well as net worth evaluations
  5. Evaluating the investment strategy for the client periodically and adjusting it if necessary
  6. Monitoring the growth of the client’s portfolio
  7. Adjusting the plan to any significant life change

HCR Wealth Advisors goes above and beyond to ensure client success. This is why it provides a full suite of services instead of just allocating funds into an investment. HCR has four key areas that it helps its clients with. These areas are financial services and wealth management, consulting, business services, and insurance services. By providing financial planning in all four of these key areas, HCR creates a much more complete financial planning strategy for clients than many of its competitors.


HCR Wealth Advisors focuses on three primary investment types: fixed income, equity, and alternative. For fixed income investments, a number of factors are analyzed to find the right investments. These factors include yield curves, client investment timeline goals, client risk sensitivity, and others. For equity investments, HCR does in-depth fundamental and technical analysis to find the best equity investments for its clients to invest in. Finally, for alternative investments, HCR Wealth Advisors focuses on finding investments that can potentially generate higher returns than traditional investments, although perhaps with a higher risk profile. These may include private securities, real estate, and venture capital.


HCR Wealth Advisors is registerd with the Securities and Exchange Commission and operates in accoradance with the financial laws and regulations applicable to investment advisers. The professionals at HCR Wealth are all experienced, and many staff members possess at least one of the following degrees/licenses:

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • California Real Estate License
  • Licensed Securities Broker with FINRA
  • Fully Licensed California Life Agent

Team-Based Financial Planning

Unlike many other wealth advisory or money management companies, HCR provides each client with a team of professionals to help optimize his or her financial planning. These teams are comprised of a lead advisor, a financial planner, and an analyst. The lead advisor serves as the primary point of contact, the financial planner focuses on both long and short term strategies, and the analyst focuses specifically on research and the investments.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not the average financial planning firm. They take a much more in-depth, client-centered approach and work hard to make sure that clients are meeting their goals. It is this holistic, broad approach to financial planning that separates HCR Wealth Advisors from its competitors. If you are looking for a wealth advisory company that will give you a complete financial plan that encompasses financial services and wealth management, consulting, business services, and insurance services, then HCR Wealth Advisors could be a great choice for you.


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