The Ins and Outs of Ryan Seacrest’s Life in the Fast Lane of American Entertainment

Ryan Seascrest photographed by Michael Lewis

Ryan Seacrest is a man known and loved by America. Having been the host of American Idol since 2002, a co-host and now primary host of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and the face (and voice) of many other TV and radio shows, Ryan Seacrest has been in the public eye due to his many accomplishments onscreen and over the airwaves – but the public is not yet as aware of his endeavors in the business world.

Many people might be surprised to find that Ryan Seacrest has business enterprises in the fashion and skincare industries: the Ryan Seacrest Distinction fashion line and Polished skincare line. Both projects arose when Seacrest noticed that their respective markets lacked products for the average, everyday American man. Seacrest’s Distinction clothing line provides high fashion quality and style – combined with a low price tag – to American men. As for Polished, the skincare treatment Seacrest developed with celebrity dermatologist Dr. Lancer, Seacrest developed a skin care treatment that is made specifically for the skin care needs of men.

Though Ryan Seacrest has been successful with his two business endeavors, it’s no surprise that he hasn’t left the entertainment world behind: his career began with a passion for entertainment, including TV and radio. Beginning in his teen years, Seacrest worked on school and local programs that helped him to develop his skills behind the microphone. As a young man, Ryan Seacrest moved from his home in Georgia to Los Angeles, California to follow his dream of becoming a famous radio personality.

After Seacrest moved to Los Angeles, he struggled to find work in the entertainment industry until 1993, when he began hosting children’s television shows. Eventually, after years of hosting various TV shows for kids, Ryan Seacrest caught his first real break with the radio show Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home, which became the number one daily afternoon talk show in Los Angeles. Soon after this accomplishment, Ryan Seacrest was given the opportunity to co-host reality singing competition American Idol.

After a year of co-hosting the show with Brian Dunkleman, Ryan Seacrest became the sole host of American Idol. American Idol’s popularity grew quickly, and it became a well-known television show in many households. From 2003 to 2010, American Idol was ranked number one in U.S. television ratings. After experiencing a year off-air when Fox canceled American Idol, Ryan Seacrest continued his career on television in 2017 as the co-host of ABC’s morning talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. In March 2018, when ABC revived Idol, Ryan Seacrest took his position once again as the beloved host of the show – and continued on as Kelly Ripa’s Live co-host.

Coordinating Ryan Seacrest’s appearances on American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan was not easy – after all, Idol shoots in Los Angeles, and Live is taped in New York City. But for Seacrest, the stress of the jet-set life is worth enduring for the opportunity to host a show with his longtime friend Kelly Ripa; in an interview celebrating Live’s one-year anniversary (which was May 1, 2018), Seacrest said, “I literally get up excited every morning to see her [… The] fact that we get to chat and catch up… and this is a job, it’s a dream.” The Live co-hosts clearly have a blast together, always laughing and palling around on-air as they talk lifestyle trends, compete in fun challenges, and interview celebrity guests.

Between his several television shows, two businesses, and frequent bicoastal travel, Ryan Seacrest has a packed schedule. Despite this, he still makes time to host two radio shows – he has definitely achieved his childhood dream of radio superstardom! Seacrest continues to enjoy radio success with his popular talk show On Air with Ryan Seacrest and the hit music countdown show, American Top 40, which is widely syndicated by iHeart Radio.

In addition to Ryan Seacrest’s roles as host and businessman, he is also the founder and chairman of The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to bringing joy and firsthand experience with the entertainment industry to children in hospitals. The Foundation builds and runs Seacrest Studios – multimedia broadcast centers – in children’s hospitals across the United States, with the intention of helping hospitalized kids to pass the time in a fun and productive way. The Foundation provides opportunities for sick children to meet actors, musicians, and other celebrities, who frequently visit Seacrest Studios. Seacrest Studios also have internships for local college students studying subjects like journalism and broadcasting; these internships give students a chance to hone their broadcasting skills and help sick children in the process. Ryan Seacrest’s entire family has joined with him in working for the Foundation, making sure it is successful in its outreach to children.

After years of hardwork and dedication, Ryan Seacrest has seen his share in the public eye thanks to his roles as host of some of America’s favorite shows and televised events; American Idol made Ryan Seacrest a household name, and the reboot of the American classic continues to bring him widespread attention. Even beyond Ryan Seacrest’s achievements in the entertainment industry, there is much to be said about his business and philanthropic endeavors. America has seen Ryan Seacrest start two successful businesses and a foundation dedicated to bettering the lives of hospitalized children, all while still hosting many television and radio shows, so there is no doubt: Ryan Seacrest has worked hard for the spotlight – and, years after achieving fame, is still as industrious as ever.

For more on Ryan Seacrest, check out his exclusive interview with The New York Times:


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