McQuarrie May Not Want Superhero Film After All


Christopher McQuarrie may have given up the idea of ever doing a superhero or Star Wars film, and it’s all your fault, people on the internet.

Often a writer and sometimes a director, McQuarrie has a few hits to his name, including 2015’s Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and the upcoming Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

His comments come on Twitter, and were directed at Rian Johnson, director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (and an upcoming new trilogy of films for that franchise). That movie has proven very controversial among the fanbase, with debates about its merits still raging.

As such, McQuarrie responded “My friend, after five minutes of this, I don’t know why you’re still on Twitter. I would have loved to make a Star Wars film someday. I’m cured.”

He followed up on that later, when a fan asked if there were any superhero movies that he was interesting in running. “Nah, after tonight I think I’m good,” he said.

We cannot say for sure if this is a firm decision or just hyperbole, but if the former, this could be sad news for fans of the DC Extended Universe, as there was a lot of talk about McQuarrie taking over a film for that franchise. Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, has a part in Fallout, and the two built up a strong enough relationship that there was talk of McQuarrie heading Man of Steel 2. Others have brought up Green Lantern Corps, since there is a movement to have Hal Jordan played by Tom Cruise, who often collaborates with McQuarrie.

Of course, if he wants to avoid controversial franchises, the DCEU may not be his taste. Admittedly its upcoming films (Aquaman, Shazam, Wonder Woman 1984) look like they could avoid the divisive nature of past entries, but still, the change in tone is liable to irk some.

The issue of artists being pestered on social media is only growing. Aside from Johnson, who seems able to handle himself, Last Jedi‘s Kelly Marie Tran has deleted her library of Instagram posts after being repeatedly harassed by fans. Another sort-of victim is Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown, who deleted her main Twitter page due to an odd meme where people pretend she said homophobic things.


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