A street artist aims at the Migrant crisis.


A famous British artist by the name Banksy has officially agreed that the street masterpiece of total art across the street of Paris is his artwork. The images that he drew has sparked hotly contested debates. His artwork has been reported to tackle Frances’ major issue of Migrants. The nation is currently being faced with greed and migrant issues. At first, many doubted the actual message of the many arts across the city. They also questioned that they belonged to Banksy. However, at the beginning of the week, he had posted his recent Paris murals on his Instagram handle. He also confirmed that he had another artwork near the University of Sorbonne.

Banksy is reported to be anonymous, but he is known to be from Bristol, England. He recently aimed the Injustices that are going on around through his multiple works in London, New York, and Gaza. Banksy is known to identify himself with one trademark, the ‘rat.’ That is the sign of the downtrodden. Banksy drenched the tribute at the back of a sign outside the Pompidou center modern art gallery, which shelter’s ropes most extensive collection of the contemporary art. The celebrated artist developed headlines on Sunday after he made another mural in Paris. This mural was that of a refugee minor who looked distressed while he was attempting to cover up a Nazi Swastika plan over the covering of a roadway where he sleeps with a doll.

The image was manifested a few days before the World Refugee day that is held on June 20th. The image of the art was somehow manipulated to look like he was drawing the Swastika himself. It was crystal clear that Banksy was exposing the recent political and social injustices imbalances in the country. The primary injustice was the one facing Banksy after his location choice. Banksy drew one image where the migrants were camping.
By drawing a mural near a migrant camp that was shut down by the French government, many viewed the whole matter in a perspective that it was an attack to Macron’s crackdown on Migrants. According to the person behind the founding of the Migrant Centre, Anne Hidalgo, the Paris mayor applauded Banksy for the mural. The mayor noted that images have thousands of words to speak. She tweeted saying that Pragmatism and humanity are better than populism. Earlier, President Macron had argued that the migrant center was acting like a magnet for more migrants.


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