TransUnion Hires New Chief Legal Officer: Heather Russell

Heather Russell: Chief Legal Officer TransUnion

TransUnion has hired a new Chief Legal Officer Heather Russell. In this new role, Russell will handle all legal matters, government relations, corporate governance and compliance, and consumer privacy functions of TransUnion. She will also be responsible for these things for the subsidiaries of Transunion.

TransUnion decided to hire Heather Russell because she possesses the necessary skill and has over two decades’ worth of experience in the financial services sector. She is well-versed in many topics which will be relevant to her new job including data privacy and security, consumer financial services, consumer privacy functions, and others.

In her role as Chief Legal Officer, Russell will be reporting directly to CEO Jim Peck. She will also have a seat on the executive committee for the company. So, essentially, Russell will be stepping into a key role at TransUnion, and her performance will have a significant impact on the company. However, there are many other leaders at the company who will be able to help her transition.

Before Russell joined TransUnion, she worked for the Buckley Sandler LLP. Russell was a key leader at the firm. She worked on things such as Fintech practices and financial institutions regulations. Because she excelled tremendously in these areas, she was a natural fit for the TransUnion position. Russell’s new position will deal with many similar issues to the ones she was handling at Buckley Sandler LLP. To obtain the TransUnion position, Russell had to beat out many other candidates. The fact that she got the job helps to validate the fact that she is a true expert in the field.

Russell has tremendous experience with handling financial institutions’ regulations and making sure that financial institutions are in compliance with all relevant statutes. After the financial crisis of 2008, many regulations were added by the government, and the complexity of complying with them increased. So, Russell’s expertise in this complicated legal arena is very valued by TransUnion.

It is crucial for financial institutions to comply with regulations. Otherwise, they can risk facing fines and other punishments. Regulations for financial institutions are also pivotal for protecting consumers from fraud or other dangers. So, they are extremely important to consumers as well.

In her new role, Russell will be making sure that TransUnion is in full compliance with all regulations.

TransUnion has a global presence in more than 30 countries and a leading presence in several international markets across North America, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Through the power of information, TransUnion is working to build stronger economies and families and safer communities worldwide.

TransUnion has hired Heather Russell to help the company continue to achieve success and to adapt to regulatory challenges. Due to her expertise and the high levels of success that she has had, there is a very good chance that Russell will be a major asset to the company. This is beneficial to all of the employees of the company, and to the people around the world who rely on TransUnion for accurate information.

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