California Steps up the Air Pollution Regulations


On Tuesday, California responded harshly against Trump administration’s scheme to weaken the fuel-efficiency regulations for cars. The policy is among some of the most significant environmental setbacks to date. The proposal lets cars pollute the environment as California was denied the chance to create its own rules and regulations on the matter. For instance, the California document stated that before rebutting point to point by the Trump’s administration. It also reflects the failure of direction and leadership by the Trump administration. The struggle between California and Washington hovers the auto market dealerships. Since California has the right under the Clean Air Act to regulate air pollution, the dispute might lead to a split in the nations’ market. With one side following the regulations, the others were using weaker federal platforms.

California has strategies to change laws. The state has to declare that the federal government’s stringent auto-emission must comply with state regulations. However, the measure counter reacts to the Obama-era instructions. It would require car manufacturers, by 2025, to put a limit of the fuel consumption to 36 miles per gallon. Such directions were given to reduce the carbon dioxide, as it is an ingredient of global warming. The efforts were among the many tactics that President Obama used to protect the climate. Nonetheless, Trump’s orders will freeze the high efficiency standards for cars by the year 2021. By then the vehicles should average at 30 miles per gallon.

The suggestion was put forward last week by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation. Also, in a report made on Tuesday, analysts had an argument based on the notion of cleaner cars could cause accidents and deaths along the highways. California too posed questions to the move by the federal government. Results have it that weakening the standard regulation would slow down the process of emission reduction. The state report also showed that consumers are spending a lot of money on gas, climatic threats, and wastage of fuel.

The state clean air regulator, Mary Nichols, said that they were expecting feedback to be massive and forceful. The strategy by California would form different emissions era for 12 other states. Such states cover a third of the automotive market with close to 130 million dwellers. California caused such a loud public announcement that is starting to invoke Trump’s policies. However, the car manufacturers opted for a settlement between the two parties. California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra said that they were doing everything possible to strive forward without looking back.


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